As a homeowner in Austin, Texas, you may dread hearing that you will need sewer pipe repair. If you have experienced this procedure in the past, you may remember the huge disruption it caused. Pipes had to be dug out of the yard, and plumbers were not always accurate about finding the exact location of the pipes. However, a lot has changed in the past few years, and this system has become one that is practical, affordable and does not require digging due to new technology. To get a better understanding about the new techniques behind sewer line repair, keep reading.

Why you need sewer pipe repair

Sewer drain pipes come in a variety of material types and they all have unique reasons for getting clogged or needing replacement. For example, cast-iron drain pipes might have corrosion and a clay sewer line may have calcium buildup. Some signs that you have a problem with your sewer pipes includes water pooling in your yard, a higher than usual water or sewer bill and backed up drains such as toilets.

Other types of damage that happens to sewer pipes

It can be difficult to understand how shrubs and trees destroy your sewer pipes, but plants are smarter than you think. One of the common reason you will need your drain lines replaced in the Austin TX area is because roots have ransacked them. Plants need the organic material found in a sewer pipe, and once they tap the source, the roots invade the area with a vengeance.

Repair your pipes while they stay in place

It might sound surprising to imagine a way to repair a pipe without putting your hands on it, but repiping techniques do exactly that. To start the procedure, special equipment is used to remove all of the excess debris from the inside of your current sewer pipes. Once they are clean and dry, a special type of liquid plastic is placed on the inside of your old pipes. This liquid dries in place and forms a new pipe. The end result is a drain pipe repair without needing to dig up the yard.

End liabilities on your property

Part of the problem with traditional methods of sewer pipe repair is the need to make trenches in the yard to access the pipes. Unfortunately, this process could take days, and even the best coverings can be comprised. Once the job is complete, the soil that is packed on top afterward could be semi-solid. The process during the old style of sewer pipe repair could be a type of hazard on your property that could lead to accidents that result in lawsuits. On the other hand, if you use a trenchless sewer line repair system, you will not have multiple deep holes throughout your property and can circumvent a potential lawsuit.

No-dig sewer pipe repair starts here

When you want to correct drainpipe issues without digging up your Austin Texas yard, our trenchless, epoxy repair system is the ticket. Using techniques like static pressure points and sewer line cameras, we have the sophisticated technology to find the repairs needed and repair them with cure-in-place epoxy linings that create a seamless pipe within a pipe. To schedule an appointment or ask us any questions you may have about your Austin sewer pipe repair needs, contact us

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