Many homes in Texas are built on concrete slabs because they are constructed on top of structurally insufficient soil. Slabs help to circumvent the inherent structural issues that come with building a home on unstable land and absolutely need to be maintained if homeowners wish to keep their homes structurally sound. Residents seeking Austin TX slab leak detection should know what to look for when trying to diagnose the condition of their slab-based foundation, or consult a slab leak detection expert. Unchecked slabs can aggravate existing problems in a structure’s foundation, and can lead to a host of severe issues if left unmanaged.

 Foundation Slab Leak Detection

There are many symptoms that Austin, TX residents should be wary of when suspicious of a foundation slab leak. Some general things to be aware of is if your home has:

  • A sudden spike in the water bill or water protrusion
  • Floor spots that are warm to the touch
  • Buckling Floors
  • Cracking walls and foundation shifting
  • Running water that can be heard while all taps are closed
  • Unpleasant earthy odors coming from the floors or walls

Concrete slab leaks are the result of an issue with a structure’s plumbing pipes, specifically the pipes beneath one’s slab foundation. Not all slab leaks are easy to find. There are cases when water accumulation can occur without any visible symptoms until the slabs have been compromised. Because of this, it is suggested that residents consult an expert for preventative Austin, TX slab leak detection.

If no visible or obvious symptoms are present, one way to diagnose a potential slab leak is to perform a water measurement. Measurements can be performed by locating the water meter and turning off the water for the structure. Empty all faucets and toilets of residual water and see if the meter measures any flow. The meter should not be reading any movement in the pipes. If it does, it is advised that you extend the check to two hours to see if there are any increased shifts in the reading. If there is, it is very likely that your home has an undetected leak. Note that there are services for water measurement, in case residents would prefer a professional analysis.

Residents and land owners are advised to have an annual plumbing tune up if their home is prone to these types of issues. It is essential that those in the Austin, TX area act quickly, for water-based foundation issues can do more than general structural harm. Water causes many additional damages to your floor and walls, and can result in various types of fungal infestation if left unchecked.

Slab and Plumbing Repair Methods

Most foundation services offer trenchless and traditional plumbing repair, since many foundation problems in the Austin, TX area can be connected to water issues. After an evaluation, depending on the severity of the damage, some homes can be repaired with an epoxy pipe lining. Epoxy lining is an extension of trenchless repair technology, and was established to have an environmentally conscious, easy, and damage-free alternative to pipe repair.

Trenchless repair is a non-digging, long lasting, and non-intrusive alternative to pipe repair. However, there is always traditional pipe repair for those that simply wish to replace deteriorated, or aged, water pipes.

Some of these methods might be costly, depending on the severity of the water damage. However, when considering the potential costs that can be incurred from an unchecked slab leak, it is far more beneficial for residents to address plumbing and foundation issues before they have a chance to escalate. Call our team today

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