Copper Pipe Repairs & Pinhole Leaks

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you can have issues inside or outside of the building related to water distributing copper pipes. In some cases, this will be from copper pipe corrosion that causes pinhole leaks.

Most of the time, your main sign of a copper pipe leak will be that you have water damage in the walls, floors or ceilings of your building. Other times, you are aware that there is a leak in the pipes outside of the building because your water bill has suddenly increased.

Despite the seriousness of the issue, over the past five years, it has become easier for plumbers to do copper pipe repairs. To get a better understanding of how things have changed, keep reading.

How bad plumbing affects your foundation

Under most homes and buildings, there is a concrete slab that the basement and other parts of a building are placed on top of. Also known as the sub-slab, slab or foundation, keeping water draining properly is a key for preventing the foundation from shifting and causing damage to your home or commercial property.

However, if you have a problem with you copper pipes outside of your home, it can cause a lot of underground mud that results in foundation shifting or cracking.

In the worst case scenario, your copper water pipe issue will cause so much damage that the building is condemned and needs to be serviced by professionals to keep the walls from caving in.

Copper pipe repair for residential or commercial properties

When damage occurs to the pipes outside of a building, different techniques will need to be used to detect the source of the problem.

This is especially true for leaks that are underground or below the concrete slab that buildings and homes are built on top of.

For example, trenches may need to be dug in order to repair the pipe or sleeving water lines. Alternatively, there is a new copper pipe repair method that has become popular in the past five years that does not involve digging trenches or removing pipes from walls or ceilings.

No matter which technique is used for repair, detecting the source of the leak is now done with plumbing rope cameras that are monitored remotely with a laptop.

Using epoxy repiping to fix your pipes with no digging

Fixing and detecting a leak in a copper pipe without digging immediately appeals to anyone that does not want their yard or parking lot dug out.

This is especially a concern for commercial property owners that do not want to lose business while their pipes are being fixed. The no-dig method of using epoxy, sometimes called repiping, has been successful in Japan and Europe for four decades.

Unlike copper pipes that only last about two to 10 years without getting a leak, in many cases epoxy repiping has a warranty of over 80 years.

Call us for your pinhole leaks and copper pipe repairs

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