Rainwater Collection & Harvesting

rainwater collection tank

Rainwater harvesting is the capture, diversion, and storage of rainwater for a number of different purposes including:

• Landscape irrigation

• Drinking and domestic use

• Aquifer recharge

• Stormwater abatement


Advantages and benefits of rainwater harvesting are numerous:

  • The water is free; the only cost is for collection and use
  • The end use of harvested water is located close to the source, eliminating the need for complex and costly distribution systems
  • Rainwater provides a water source when groundwater is unacceptable or unavailable, or it can augment limited groundwater supplies
  • The zero hardness of rainwater helps prevent scale on appliances, extending their use; rain water eliminates the need for a water softener and the salts added during the softening process
  • Rainwater is sodium-free, important for persons on low-sodium diets
  • Rainwater is superior for landscape irrigation
  • Rainwater harvesting reduces flow to stormwater drains and also reduces non-point source pollution
  • Rainwater harvesting helps utilities reduce the summer demand peak and delay expansion of existing water treatment plants
  • Rainwater harvesting reduces consumers’ utility bills”

cited “The Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting”

Rainwater collection and harvesting will save you money!

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