Dallas water line repair leaking pipes when you are told that you need a water line repair, your immediate reaction could be one of fear. Fear that you will be paying for several day's worth of labor for doing the heavy-duty work that goes into water line replacement and fear of a yard that is full of puddles every time it rains. Before your fear that your new landscaping will be ruined and your budget will be in tatters, consider what the latest technology in commercial and residential water line repair services can do for you.

How modern water line replacement works

There are a lot of names for the procedure, but the effects are always the same. When you have water line replacement done to your pipes, a series of techniques will be used. All of them require specialized machinery that has been developed in the past decade. The first step is to completely clean the inside of the existing pipes you have. This is done with sewer line cameras and a type of sandblasting technique.

The sewer line cameras are heavy-duty ropes with cameras on the end of them. The plumbers use them to view the cause of the problem and the general condition inside of the pipes. After they figure out where they need to sand blast the most, they use a tool that is specially designed for pipes to target the location of the job. Nevertheless, it is the final step of the re-piping process that is used is the most fascinating.

Creating pipes within pipes

When you already have a pipe but it is leaking or malfunctioning, plumbers can use a new technique to place pipes within pipes. Many pipes are made with plastics or metals. To create a pipe within a pipe, the plumber will put a hose in the existing pipe and use a small specially designed machine to spray a type of liquid plastic called epoxy that quickly hardens. This means that old leaks and tiny pinholes will be sealed. If a root has severely disrupted a pipe, it does not matter because the epoxy will seal the area completely.

Get water line replacement the new way

We will make sure that you do not have a yard full of trenches, and we employ the latest technology to get the job done as quickly as possible. This means that you will have restored service in a short period of time, and you should not have construction crews working on your plumbing for days on end. The replacement re-piping will also last much longer than traditional pipes. To ask any questions or schedule an appointment with professional plumbers, contact us today.

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