What Can I Expect From A Video Camera Inspection of My Plumbing?

When it comes to plumbing systems, the experts do an excellent job at ensuring they are well hidden. Pipes and drains are put in places where your guest cannot see them when they come to your house. Most of the times, the plumbing system is placed underground below your house. A concrete floor is also placed on top of them. This is a great idea until something starts to leak under the concrete slab.

Most of the times the leakages go undetected for a long time (Here are some tips to detect a slab leak). This is because they are not visible to us. You can only notice an increase in the water bill but have no idea what happened. Especially for folks with houses over 20 years, the plumbing systems have gone through a tear and wear. People tend to replace and repair the things that are visible. But the systems underground go without repair for years.

Due to the difficulties in identifying leakages in pipes that are underground, the new video camera plumbing inspection technology was introduced. This is the best and most effective way of detecting leaks in your home.

How it works.

These special cameras are made to be waterproof. This enables them to operate inside pipes and sewers. When you hire these services, a well-trained expert comes with the cameras and inserts them in the pipes. The camera is well made to be flexible to allow it to go smoothly into the pipes or sewer.

As the camera is inserted in the pipes, the technician has a monitor or screen where a real-time video of the pipes is broadcasted. The camera can access even the toughest places and corners. The technician uses the monitor to maneuver the camera to detect any faults in the pipeline. The video is streamed live and can be recorded for future use (evaluate your sewer and drain lines with camera inspection).

What to expect from the video camera plumbing inspection

Using a camera for inspection comes with many benefits. First, you can reach areas you could by yourself. Calling an ordinary plumber won’t help if the leakage is underground. Without the camera, plumbers couldn’t detect leaks easily. This made plumbing inspections to be expensive. It could take days for a plumber to identify where a leak was. You had to pay them a lot of money for all that hard work.

With the camera now the process is simplified. It doesn’t cost as much to use a camera. It also takes a very short time to find the leakage in your pipes. Once the camera is inserted in the pipes, it can detect all the leaks throughout the plumbing system within a short time. This makes it cheaper.

Using the camera, the plumber can pinpoint the exact location of the leakage. This is necessary especially if it is your sewage that is leaking. Without fixing it as soon as possible can cause a lot of inconvenience to your home or business. By pinpointing the exact location, the plumber can work as fast as possible to fix the problem. It also allows him to make an accurate budget decision on how much it will cost you for the repair.

Through video camera plumbing inspection you get to identify the exact reason why your pipes are leaking in the first place. Older methods of inspection only offered to fix the problem but couldn’t identify where the problem came from. Plumbers using the camera can see everything going on in your pipes.

Most of the times leaks come from blockages in the pipes. This is tough to detect. A buildup of debris in the pipes over the years can cause the water to look for other ways out causing leaks. Using the camera, it can see all that is inside the cameras. Whether it is debris, grease or roots growing in the pipes, they can be identified. Plumbing for concrete slab houses is a difficult task especially when it comes to the inspection stage.

Using the video camera plumbing inspection technique, the plumber can detect all the problems in your plumbing system and fix them as soon as possible.

Other uses of video camera plumbing inspection

When you hire a plumber who uses a video camera for inspection, you can also find lost valuables. People lose rings and jewels in the drains or sink while washing dishes or doing something in the water. When the video camera is inserted in the pipes, you can find the item if they are still in the pipes. This is an added advantage of this method. You can tell the plumber to look out for something you lost in the pipes.

New home inspection. Before you can move in into a new house, it is good to run an inspection. Most plumbers who do Plumbing for concrete slab houses can help you at this. Ensure that you ran a video camera inspection to avoid having problems you didn’t see. Leaking pipes destroy a home slowly without being detected. Avoid that.

Using the video inspection method you can avoid future problems. Once the camera is inserted in the pipes, it detects not only the leaking points but also the potential hazards in the pipes. It detects parts of the system that are also about to cause you problems. You get the chance to fix problems even before they occur.

Final word

If you have had many problems with your plumbing system, then it’s time to get the cameras. The reason that your pipes are still leaking may be because the problem wasn’t properly identified. You need a camera inspection because it identifies all the problems and potential problems at the same time.

For people with houses over 20 years old you need this inspection. If you suspect that there may be a leakage in your pipes, don’t wait any longer. The longer you wait, the more problems you may have. It is time to call a technician who is an expert at plumbing for concrete slab houses to do the video camera inspection.