Leak Detection and Pipe Inspection – Diagnostic Plumbing Testing

Diagnostic Plumbing testing or Leak Detection testing is our company’s specialty, and we pride ourselves on being the best in the business.  Our team of Master Plumbers has decades of combined experience in this niche market and are specialized in sub slab leak testing and diagnosis, using a combination of hydrostatic pressure testing, video camera inspection, and leak isolation testing to accurately identify underground plumbing problems such as aged or  Deteriorated Cast Iron Sewer or leaking copper and galvanized water piping.


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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

A hydrostatic pressure test is performed on a home or building’s sanitary sewer system to determine if there are water leaks present in the plumbing system.  An inflatable test ball is inserted into the building or home mainline sewer clean out and is then inflated in order to block or plug the main sewer line.  The sewer system is then filled with water up to the slab level, where the water level is observed for up to 15 minutes.  If the system does not fill to slab level, or if the water level begins to drop, leaks are present in the sanitary sewer system.  The next phase of leak detection to identify these leaking sewer lines involves a combination of video camera pipe inspection and static leak isolation testing of PVC or cast iron sewer system.


Video Camera Pipe Inspection

State-of-the-art in-line sewer or drain video camera equipment is used to perform sewer pipe or drain line camera inspection of a sanitary sewer system. The infrared camera is inserted into the system through existing cleanouts, roof vents, or toilet drains to observe and analyze the condition of a sub-slab drain system.  locations of obstructions, breaks, stoppages, or deteriorated pipes can be determined with sewer camera inspection along with an approximate depth of the pipe.

Accurate Leak and Line shoot March 2009

Static Leak Isolation Testing

Static leak isolation testing is the leak detection process in which we use a combination of sewer video camera pipe inspection and hydrostatic pressure testing to isolate and test different sections or areas of an under slab sanitary sewer system to pinpoint exact locations of water leaks in the system. Inflatable test balls are inserted into the system through existing cleanouts, roof vents, and exposed toilet drains to perform a hydrostatic test on an isolated portion of the sewer system. An in-line sewer video camera is used in the process to assist with the placement of test balls throughout the system and to map out the layout of the sanitary sewer system.


Water Leak Detection

Electronic listening devices enhance our hearing to hear pressure water leaks deep into your water lines. After we narrow down the general area of the leak, technicians use Electronic Line Tracing equipment and listening equipment to detect the leak location.


Slab Leak Detection

Our fluid mechanics use a combination of electronic listening, line tracing equipment, camera pipe inspection, and static pressure testing for slab leak detection. Detecting slab leaks start with pipe inspection using electronic leak detection equipment, video camera inspection, and diagnostic pressure testing. We determine the location of sub-slab plumbing leaks with static pressure testing, underground line location, and static isolation.

Accurate Leak and Line shoot March 2009