Trenchless Pipe Repair

Accurate Leak and Line is the leader in the trenchless pipe rehabilitation and underground plumbing diagnosis & repair industry  Combined with conventional excavation and repair/replacement solutions, we offer Non-Destructive Trenchless CIPP Pipe Repair as a cost-efficient alternative to traditional repairs for residential and commercial clients.

drain pipe restoration process

Accurate Leak and Line provides a variety of specialized techniques to repair and replace piping systems located below foundations, underground or that are concealed and not easily accessible. With our extensive background and years of experience in slab leak detection, concealed pipe repair and non-destructive trenchless plumbing repairs, we have combined re-piping and plumbing replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to eliminate and minimize costly destruction to the interior of your home or building.

Non-invasive Sewer drain leak repair and cast iron replacement

Homes built prior to 1980 and most commercial and industrial buildings contain original Cast Iron sewer or drain piping along with copper or galvanized water piping that naturally corrodes and deteriorates with time leaking sewer and water beneath the foundation or in walls and ceilings. These leaking pipes can be detrimental to a house or building foundation when left unchecked and cost thousands in repair and restoration and reconstruction costs.


Accurate specialized technicians diagnose,  repair and replace concealed and sub slab piping systems externally with no cosmetic damage to the interior of your home or business.  Any leak or line located below slab or foundation can be accessed from the exterior of the foundation via tunneling beneath to repair. Tunneling under from the outside is completely non-invasive to the interior of the home or building and is completely safe for the foundation due to the structurally sound Slab On Grade design of a house or building foundation.

under slab sewer main line

Exterior tunnel below foundation and reroute main sewer lines outside to avoid costly destruction to foundation and interior of home or building.

Access holes are dug outside of the foundation and horizontal or directional tunneling below the foundation to expose the piping located directly below bathrooms and fixtures. The leaking or aged piping located below the bathrooms foundation is replaced with schedule 40 PVC and rerouted immediately to outside of the house or building foundation. The main lines for the bathrooms kitchens or washers (which originally run in a webbed system below the foundation) are now routed through the yard to minimize costly and invasive excavation below the foundation. Accurates tunnel and rerouting techniques eliminate costly destruction and invasive trenching to the interior of the home or building.

sewer reroute

Non-invasive Water slab leak Repair

Copper or Galvanized Water piping leaks located below the foundation are expertly diagnosed by our specialized technicians. The water lines are traced and wall manifolds are precisely located and accessed. The leaking line is then isolated at the wall manifold and abandoned below the foundation.  A new line is then re-routed non invasively through the walls and attic. This process avoids costly and destructive trenching through the home or building foundation and avoids costly reconstruction costs.