We are big fans of trenchless water line repair at Accurate Leak and Line, but we still provide traditional water line replacement or leak repair to cater to your commercial or residential needs. We often use combinations of traditional water line repair to give our clients the most complete and long lasting water line repair possible.

Traditional residential and commercial water leak repairs involve digging up and exposing leaking copper pipe for water leak repair, or re-routing water lines overhead through walls and attic space.

How do you plan tradition water line excavation?

Once we run water pressure tests your water line we’ll map out only the necessary excavations or re routes. Reports on fixed cost and alternative repair options will be available at your finger tips to give you the insight on which route is best for your property.

What happens to my residential or commercial land during tradition water line excavation?

Our OSHA certification allows us to practice confined space training to prevent property damage during excavation. We use shovels and chipping hammers carefully to exposed damaged water lines. All excess dirt that is not needed for restoration is hauled away to keep work areas clean. When all repairs are tested, we backfill all tunnels with tamping hammers. This insures maximum compaction so that your property looks exactly how we found it.

Accurate Leak and Line shoot March 2009

What are some types of excavations for water line repairs?

Every type of water line excavation depends on the lay-out of a commercial or residential property. Much like sewer line excavation, water line excavation can include interior access (jackhammer slab penetration) and exterior excavation (re-routing of new lines around outside house or building). Water line repair can involve an unique traditional repair that re-routes water lines through walls and in attics. In this repair our team closes off damaged water lines underneath slabs to re-establish water flow with new installed lines.

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