Epoxy Pipe Lining – The Obvious Choice!

Benefits of epoxy pipe lining. The obvious choice!

It doesn’t come in fashionable colors or styles, but it saves walls, floors and landscapes from damaging leaks. Epoxy pipe lining doesn’t top the list of glamorous home improvement projects, but every property owner can benefit from its solid numbers. Here are six reasons why this technology deserves respect:

1. More Than 25 Years – The benefits of epoxy piping became available to homes, businesses and industries in the mid-1980s, and the technology continues to enjoy widespread industry success. It’s often called cured-in-place piping, or CIPP, because the material runs inside damaged pipes forming a structural bond that seals and restores.

2. Up to 18 InchesCIPP solutions can handle everything from interior pipes measuring half an inch in diameter to large sewer mains. The liners are fabricated on site and customized according to project, so our master plumbers can tackle a job with multiple lines and successfully address all repairs and replacements.

3. Approximately 100 Years – The life expectancy of the dual-epoxy system used in our Nu Flow products is based on rigorous industry testing. The two-part liquid resin solution saturates pipe liners, cures in place and sets up with a permanent seal inside PVC, clay or cast-iron pipes.

4. Only One or Two Days – If you’ve ever dealt with traditional plumbing projects, you know that damaged pipe removal, trenching and repairs can take as long as six to eight weeks. Our CIPP process rarely takes more than a day or two from start to finish.

5. Savings of Up to 50 Percent – The time saved by efficient epoxy pipe re-lining adds up to money you don’t have to spend on labor. That figure averages 50 percent less than standard pipe repair, and you also save on replacing turf and landscape damaged by traditional trenching.

6. Our 10 Year Guarantee – We guarantee our CIPP work for 10 years because we know it stands up to root invasion, mineral corrosion and unpredictable water pressure. Our master plumbers have installed Nu Flow epoxy pipe lining solutions across the state since 2002, and we believe in the quality and durability of all our products.

If you’d like to learn more about epoxy pipe lining, contact our teams here at Accurate Leak and Line. We take care of home and business owners in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. When you have plumbing problems, we have smart, affordable solutions, so just give us a call!