Lamme’s Candies – Austin, TX

Lamme’s Candies is somewhat of a historical landmark in Austin, TX. The famous candy maker has spun chocolate goodies since 1885 and is a well-know Austin staple. The establishment reached out to Accurate Leak and Line for a remedy to continual problems with functionality and drainage caused from an aged and deteriorated cast-iron sanitary sewer system below the building’s foundation. Cast-iron piping is rated for approximately 35 years and this system had reached the end of it’s shelf life, with complete deterioration of the heavily used piping system in most areas. This project required extensive excavation and replacement of the sub-slab sewer system, and performing this work without disruption to the business’ full time operation was crucial. Accurate Leak and Line’s crews excavated under the building externally and tunneled approximately 300 ft to expose the failing cast-iron piping system. The elaborate sanitary sewer system was completely replaced and supported by steel hangers drilled into bottom of slab in stages coordinating with Lamme’s busy kitchen and tasting room hours with no disruption the high-paced candy operation, and no cosmetic damage to the interior of the building. The work was inspected and the excavation backfilled without Lamme’s Candy missing a beat.