When is the Right Time for a Pipe Replacement?

Most plumbing pipes are made with very high-quality material and are likely to last for many years. Materials like galvanized steel last up to 50 years, cast iron can go up to 100 years, copper 50 years and brass up to 45 years. However, they are not immortal, and with time, you will experience some problems regardless of the material used. While sometimes repairs can do a great job, most of the time, the best solution is to do a pipe replacement and eliminates the problems right away. This article outlines some ways to know if your pipes need replacement and when it the right time to do it.

When to Pipe Replacement

When You Start Seeing Discolored Water

Some plumbing pipes are dug underground, and it won’t be easy for you to notice if they are starting to wear out. However, the problems can get to a point where you can’t ignore anymore when you start getting your once so clear water discolored. If you notice that the water looks brown or yellow and maybe some sediments floating inside, there must be signs of serious pipe damage. Call a plumber to check the pipes and find out if there are damages and, if any, do the replacement before things get out of hand.

When the Water Tastes Rusty

Another sign that your pipes need replacement is when you start noticing that your water suddenly tastes metallic. That metallic taste is a clear sign of corroded pipes or rust buildup. When left unattended for long, the rust can even begin to clog your pipes. Corrosion of the pipes will not only lead to bad taste, but this can also lead to water leaks. When this happens, your beautiful home might be in danger because the water will leak on the beams, walls, and even your floor, causing serious damages. But you don’t have to wait until it gets to this, get pipe replacement experts to check the problem immediately, and replace the corroded pipes with newer ones.

When They Are Old Enough

Pipes can last for several years without showing any signs of damage or tear. However, because of the age, you might wake up one day to the biggest surprise of your life. Even if they’re not giving you problems yet, old pipes just need to be replaced. If they’ve not been appropriately maintained throughout their lifetime, this will significantly affect their duration. So, if you’re moving to a new house, one of the things to check before you settling is the age of those plumbing pipes. If they’ve been around for many years, consider calling those replacement experts to do the necessary checks and replacement if needed.

You’re Experiencing Leaks

Any leaks in your water pipes in a clear sign that they are old enough and need replacement. Remember, not all leaks are caused by cracks. When your pipes have been with you for a long time, the connections may loosen up, causing leaks. Sometimes no amount of tightening can tie up loose ends, and the only option you’ll have left is to replace your pipes. You need to call a plumber to see if cracks or lose connections cause the leaks. They will then advise you to either repair or replace your pipes; depending on the condition they’re in.

Decreased Pressure

Clog in your pipes can cause a decrease in water pressure and interfere with water supply in your home or commercial premises. Sometimes the low pressure can be an issue with your water supplier. If you rule this out, you need to call your plumber to check the pipes. Decreased pressure is a good sign that you need the services of replacement experts. You need to get your old pipes removed to restore the water pressure to normal.

Signs Clogged Pipes

When your pipes are exposed to external forces, clogs from garbage, tennis balls, routes, and crushing will be a common thing you’ll have to deal with. It’s not easy to remove clogs from pipes, and when this happens, the only option you’ll have left is to replace your pipes. Outside pipes require more regular replacement than those within your home because they’ll be more exposed to damages that cause cracks and wear. Make a habit of calling a professional from time to time to check the damages and suggest whether they need replacement or repair.


Weaknesses and degradation of pipes over time are common occurrences. You need to be on the lookout for any signs of damage and replace the pipes as soon as possible. Your best plumbing and pipe replacement professionals are just a call away. Give us a call at any time of the day, and we will send one of our experts at your home to do the inspection and replace your pipes if necessary.


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