Trenchless Monthly- December 2011

December 2011 newsletter
About Accurate Leak & Line trenchless plumbing monthly newsletter - December 2011
Accurate Leak & Line is an established plumbing rehabilitation company utilizing non-destructive trenchless techniques. Our group of master plumbers provides expert diagnostics and cost effective repair solutions for sewer and water piping systems through epoxy pipelining and traditional excavation and repair. Our services are offered to residential and commercial clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Austin and San Antonio, and surrounding areas.With our extensive background in slab leak detection, and years of experience in non-destructive trenchless plumbing repair, we have combined re-piping and replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to create an environmentally safe and sound plumbing infrastructure rehabilitation process. In addition to residential properties, we utilize this unique process to deliver safe and sanitary water to and from schools, municipalities, businesses and communities alike.Along with trenchless plumbing restoration, water leak and drain leak services, we provide sewer line video camera inspection and plumbing testing for foundation repair evaluation. Detailed analysis and fixed cost proposals for repair are provided to customer upon completion of diagnostic slab leak testing, using trenchless plumbing technology to fix foundation leaks while minimizing digging and added expense.
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Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington drain habilitation drain rehabilitation in Houston TX - featured job
Texas Rangers Ballpark in ArlingtonĀ Area storm drains servicing the ballpark bleachers were deteriorated, leaking rain water into many of the executive suites, causing a great deal of inconvenience and upset with suite owners.These drains were encased in 3-4 ft of concrete, separating the seating areas from the tops of the suites, making a traditional repair of these pipes impossible without major cost and disruption to the seating areas as well as the suites.Accurate Leak & Line was able to rehabilitate these leaking drains non-invasively with Nu-Flow CIPP (cast-in-place pipelining), allowing business as usual to continue at the ballpark. Exposed area drains were accessed to launch the 6 inch structural liners.Side Note: While we were disappointed about not winning the World Series, we want to congratulate the Rangers on an excellant 2011 run!Learn More about Trenchless Drain Repair
Arlington TX drain lines
Houston Texas Water Lines water line repair in Houston
Residential Hot & Cold Potable Water Line RehabilitationĀ Six Bathroom house saved from destruction!After repairing several slab leaks in the copper water piping system, this homeowner decided to re-pipe through the walls and attic. The elaborate plumbing for this six bathroom home consisted of two hot water systems and two cold water systems; hundreds of feet of pipe that needed to be re-routed above slab.In hopes of avoiding the nightmare of re-piping and the associated restoration costs, they discovered an alternative in epoxy pipelining. Each system was isolated, air-dried, sand blasted and epoxy coated with Nu Flow potable water liner.The potable water system was rehabilitated and back on within three days, saving thousands in re-piping and restoration of this beautiful home.Learn More about Trenchless Water Line Repair
residential water line repair
Our trenchless epoxy water pipe lining process fixes deteriorated and leaking copper or galvanized pipe from the inside with no digging or destruction to your home or business. With non-destructive trenchless technology, we re-line pipe systems with a water leak coating to create a permanent barrier between the pipes and fresh water. The FDA approved epoxy coating and installation carries a 10 year transferrable warranty and is lab rated with a 100+ year life span
identifying damaged plumbing

1. Identify Damaged Plumbing – Copper and Galvanized water piping systems eventually experience deterioration problems resulting in re-occurring pinhole leaks, corrosion, water contamination and decreased water flow. Symptoms can include slab leaks, foundation problems, low water pressure and water contamination.


sand blasted clean pipes

2. Pipes are Sand-Blasted Clean – Water pipes are drained, dried and sand-blasted with a heavy grit sand, driven throughout the system by high volume pre-cleaned air. This process cleans the years of build-up and corrosion inside the pipes, leaving an unrestricted clean pipe surface for the epoxy to bond to.


epoxy lining covering process

3. Plumbing is Coated with Epoxy – The entire inner piping system is coated with an FDA approved epoxy coating which is introduced throughout the system by high volume air.


protected epoxy pipe lines

4. Lined Pipes are Protected – The finished epoxy-coated piping system is protected from future deterioration, with the possibility of leakage and related problems eliminated.