We are proud to offer a cost effective alternative for water line repair of leaking copper or galvanized pipes.

Our trenchless epoxy water leak lining coating fixes deteriorated and leaking copper or galvanized pipe from the inside with no digging or destruction to your home or business.

With non-invasive technology, we re-line pipe systems with a water leak coating to create a permanent barrier between the pipes and fresh water.

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What are the symptoms?

  • Water protrusion from slab or ground.
  • Noise of running water in walls or fixtures.
  • Hot spot on flooring.
  • Consistent water meter movement.
  • High water bill.
  • Foundation movement.

How do they become a problem?

Years of water running through leaky copper water lines can turn soft clay soil into a swamp. This can offset water bills and foundations for homes, offices, and schools.

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More Info On Water Line Repair

When you are told that you need a water pipe repair, your immediate reaction could be one of fear. You imagine paying for several days worth of digging labor for water line replacement and end up with a yard full of rain puddles. Your new landscaping doesn’t have to be ruined and your budget doesn’t have to be in tatters. Check out what the latest technology in commercial and residential water line repair services can do for you.

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How Modern Water Line Replacement Works

When you have trenchless water line replacement done to your pipes, a series of techniques will be used. The first step of water pipe repair is to completely clean the inside of the existing pipes you have. This is done with pipe line cameras and a specialized cleaning technique. The pipe lining inspection cameras are used to view the cause of the problem and the general condition inside of the pipes. After we have found the areas that need the most attention, we then use specialized tools designed for pipes to target the location of the damage.

Creating Pipes Within Pipes

When you already have a pipe that leaks or malfunctions, plumbers can now use a relatively new technique to place pipes within pipes. Many pipes are made with plastics or metals. To create a pipe within a pipe, the plumber will put a hose in the existing pipe and use a small specially designed machine to spray a type of liquid plastic called epoxy that quickly hardens. This epoxy seals old leaks and tiny pinholes. If a root or other object has severely disrupted a pipe, it does not matter because the epoxy will seal the area completely.


Get Water Line Replacement The New Way

To start with water pipe repairs using the latest techniques, get in touch with us here. We will make sure that you do not have a yard full of trenches, and we employ the latest technology to get the job done as quickly as possible. This means that you will have restored service in a short period of time, and you will not have construction crews working on your plumbing for days on end. The replacement re-piping will also last much longer than traditional pipes.