How Can Clay Plumbing Pipes Be Replaced?

For many homes, their plumbing flows through clay pipes that may have been installed decades ago. Those pipes have been used in these types of situations for eons, with many issues that were evident way back when still causing concerns for homeowners.

Developing Circumstances

The reason that this form of pipe was installed in the first place was because of its ability to withstand years of rigorous use. However, in certain situations, the surrounding area may end up playing a part in causing damage to those clay pipes.

One of the major problems in this area stems from the engagement of tree roots underneath the ground. Those tree roots continue to grow and eventually find their way to those clay pipes, which really aren’t built to handle such intrusions. The end result is that damage starts to occur to those pipes, which eventually leads to the development of leaks.

Issues with Sewer Pipes

Such issues end up resulting in sewer pipe repair that can end up causing major damage to a home. Given the soil in this region of the country, such concerns need to be taken seriously since the likelihood of movement of that soil is inevitable, which means that it’s likely only a matter of time before the issue surfaces.

Sewer issues can help lay the groundwork for disasters such as a backup that enters the home, something that can create an ugly and smelly mess that will have to be cleaned up (do you really need to replace a sewer line or can you repair it?. These types of issues don’t lend themselves to warning signs, which can be a shock for anyone who happens to be in the home. An even bigger shock is in store for someone who returns to that home and finds an unfolding catastrophe.

To fix this type of problem, sewer pipe repair will first require a proper diagnosis. Current technology allows for a small video camera to go down below and give the plumbing professional an accurate assessment of the problem. Once the issue has been properly diagnosed, through a process like static leak testing, repairs can begin.

Repair Options

A standard or a trenchless excavation can be undertaken, with the new pipes then installed. Under the traditional model, that might mean having to tunnel in from outside of the home or using a jackhammer inside to get through the slab. In some cases, the installation of any new pipes are routed around a home.

A less-intrusive process comes in the trenchless repair option, since essentially tearing up a property isn’t necessary to get the job done. That also makes it a much less expensive endeavor that can be handled in a matter of days, as opposed to one that may take as long as two months.

Corrosion Problems

The problem of tree roots is something that can be a headache for clay pipes, yet those pipes can also be vulnerable to areas that see heavy rains. In that case, moisture over a period of time can lead to issues involving corrosion, which will mean that water line repair won’t be far behind.

Trying to ignore this type of situation is impossible, with the reasons in evidence each time a faucet or other fixture is used. Rust-colored water is impossible to drink, it will stain cups and dishes, likely cause rashes from bathing or showering in or simply ruin clothes in a washing machine. Thus, the only alternative, in this case, is water line repair.

Even if corrosion isn’t a pertinent issue, the cost of water leaks can be extensive when it comes to the monthly water bills or damage to areas of a home (find out if you need to replace your pipes here). Homeowners that find themselves afflicted with these issues will see a rapid jump in their monthly water bill because of small drips that can add up over the course of the time frame.

In the worst case scenario, those issues can leave damage that will not only lead to replacing the clay pipes but could be the precursor to other areas of a home needing costly repairs that could have been avoided.

A Repair Option to Reject

The method of repair undertaken by a company will be indicative of just how skilled they are in this type of work. Some companies try and take care of the issue of tree roots by using dangerous options like rock salt or copper sulfate. That’s something that can certainly deal with the problem, yet it comes at a cost.

That’s because what usually happens is that those affect roots will translate into damage not only to that area but the entire tree itself. You’ll then have a dead tree that has to be chopped down and you’ll also have environmental concerns from the remnants of that salt or sulfate finding their way into other areas.

Trenchless Line Repair

The pipe will have a cable pulled through it, where it’s then connected to a bursting head that will have a new pipe attached. In this fashion, the pipe that’s already there will be pushed out of the way when the bursting head splits that pipe so that the new pipe can be pushed into place. At a minimum, the pipe that serves as the replacement will be the same size and in some case, it will even offer of the larger pipe.

The Right Decision

When it comes to trenchless repair, that’s something that Accurate Leak performs on a regular basis. It’s become a popular option, especially for those with clay plumbing pipes, primarily because of the process involved and especially the reduced price that’s charged by our licensed professionals.

So if you’re in need of sewer pipe repair, the folks at Accurate Leak will be glad to help you consider options. The same goes for any water line repair since the bottom line is taking care of the problem before disaster strikes. Contact us today.