4 Advantages of Epoxy Pipe Lining

4 advantages epoxy pipe lining

Our modern conveniences often rely on the strength, structural integrity, and durability of pipes. Pipes deliver the water you use for everything, from bathing to swimming. Unsurprisingly, however, pipes do not last forever. At least not without some help, when the pipes in your home or business begin to leak, you often have two options: replace the pipes or repair them.

While each circumstance differs, most property owners find that repairs using epoxy pipe lining come with the most benefits. Below, we discuss four of the advantages of epoxy.

1. Affordable

To repair a leaky pipe, a professional contractor coats the affected area with a binding substance. Once the substance sets, you can use the pipe normally again.

Many professionals choose epoxy lining, such as Nu Flow, as the binding agent. Epoxy costs as little as 30 to 40% of pipe replacements, making it the affordable choice.

2. Cost Effective

In addition to epoxy’s low initial cost, it’s also more cost effective than replacing all the effected pipes. Pipe replacement requires extensive renovation, since the contractor often has to remove wall panels, flooring, or foundation pieces to access the pipes.

Epoxy repairs only require two access points, which eliminates much of the arduous deconstruction and repair process.

3. Coating Eliminates Leaks

epoxy pipe lining

Most epoxy lining solutions are used to repair leaks in copper pipes. Many property owners think that replacing the pipes does more to address the leaks and prevent future issues, but epoxy pipe lining actually effectively eliminates all leaks and extends the life of the piping.

Think about it this way: copper pipes typically have one or two year warranties. After this time period, the pipes may begin to corrode, resulting in leaks and water quality issues.

Epoxy work, on the other hand, can have up to a 10-year warranty. And, in fact, well-installed and maintained epoxy has a life expectancy of up to 100 years. Not only that, but the process of epoxy coating actually improves water quality, since it eliminates not only leaks, but also the hazards present in corroded pipes. This preservation makes your building more structurally sound, as well as more sustainable.

4. Less Time Consuming

If your home or commercial property has ever undergone construction, you know how tedious and lengthy renovations can be. Unfortunately, because pipe replacement requires so much structural removal, it can take a significant amount of time to complete.

Once the new pipes are in place, residents can begin using the plumbing immediately, but first the contractor must access the pipes, remove all the effected pipes, place and adhere new pipes, and restore the affected building areas.

This process can result in your family, employees, or residents going without water (and avoiding a significant section of the building) for six to eight continuous weeks.

Conversely, epoxy coating takes very little time to complete. In many cases, a contractor can finish the coating process itself within four days. Once the pipes are coated, the epoxy must set for at least five hours. But once the five hours is up, building residents can return to normal plumbing system use immediately.

Leaky pipes can endanger your property in a number of ways, from encouraging mold and mildew growth to causing cracks in the building’s foundation. Once you notice a leak, it’s in your best interest to begin the process of repairs as soon as possible.

If you think the epoxy method could improve your home and commercial building plumbing, water qualities, and lifespan, talk to an experienced contractor about the process. Take advantage of the naturally efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable characteristics of epoxy in your own property. Contact us today at Accurate Leak and Line to request a quote.