5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Commercial Plumbing

When you own a commercial building, you are bound to run into plumbing issue more than once. But this is no reason to panic or call an emergency plumber.

There are a few problems you can solve on your own. Use the commercial plumbing tips below to gain the knowledge you need to remedy basic plumbing problems.

1. Identifying Leaks

Dripping faucets and shower heads are more than a simple annoyance, they indicate an issue with your plumbing that can cost hundreds, if not thousands, on your water bill if you ignore them. Plus, leaks will only get worse the longer you let them go unchecked, causing even bigger and more serious issues.

Double check the handles of the sinks and showers to perform a plumbing leak test. Make sure they are shut off completely to see if your fixtures drip. You should also inspect the area around your plumbing for any signs of water damage.

2. Having Low Water Pressure

If you own a hotel or a gym, this is one of the plumbing tips especially for you. If your water pressure is low, you will likely receive a lot of customer complaints.

Old customers may not return and they may even scare away new customers by writing an online review.

You can avoid all of this by simply checking the water pressure in the showers and sinks. Use a pressure gauge to test and measure the pressure of the water moving throughout your system.
Low Water Pressure

3. Operating With Clogged Drains

Inspect the sinks in your commercial building. Are they draining slower than usual? This may mean there’s a clog in your pipes.

This is another plumbing issue that will only get worse if you do not tackle it immediately. Luckily, the solution for slow drains is pretty simple.

Pour a mixture of hot water and white vinegar down the drains every three months. This will dislodge any debris that may be clogging the drain. Doing this regularly can prevent more serious clogs or worse.

4. Avoid Silent Leaks

Leaks can occur in your building that are not visible to the plain eye or that you may not know about.

A pipe leak or sewer leak could be plaguing your building, wasting thousands of gallons of water a year. This means a serious hit to your wallet when your water bill comes.

Keep your eyes peeled for higher than normal water bills and the common signs of water damage. These signs include discoloration, sitting water, peeling paint, and more.

You should also get your plumbing thoroughly inspected by a professional to run a leak test and ensure there are not any silent leaks in your building.
commercial plumbing maintenance

5. Preventive Maintenance is The Way to Go

The majority of the problems that appear in commercial plumbing are not immediately evident, especially if they are happening to your underground plumbing.

You probably will not notice them until they are more serious and cause more damage. This is not only bad for your bank account but it’s also bad for your tenants.

The greatest way to prevent this financial and property damage is with preventative maintenance. With this method, you can catch any problems before they worsen.

With preventative maintenance, a plumber will examine your entire plumbing system and find any issues that you may have.

They will then alert you to the problems and repair them. Though this may cost money upfront, it is better than waiting for the issue to get worse and costing a whole lot more.

With regular maintenance, you can actually limit the frequency of repairs and cut costs.

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