5 Tips for Protecting Your Plumbing From Hurricane Flooding

5 plumbing tips for hurricane flooding

You don’t have to live on the Gulf Coast to know how much damage hurricanes can spread across the state. Torrential rains soak the Hill Country and drench homes and businesses in north Texas. Whether you live in  San Antonio or the Metroplex, here are five tips that can help you and your plumbing ride out the worst.

bad weather hurricane plumbing1. Clear All Drains – Check storm culverts close to your home, and take a look at drains along curbs as well as any on your property. Make sure they’re clear of debris and ready to handle the runoff from a heavy downpour. These preventative measures relieve underground pipes from the stress of compacted, rain-soaked soil.

2. Check the Sump Pump – If you have one of these workhorses in the basement or a crawl space, check its outside pipe for clogs, and fill its crock with several gallons of water. It should automatically turn on and start pumping. Your sump pump can help minimize flood damage to plumbing pipes networking through your home’s walls.

3. Shut Off Your Waterhow to turn off a water meter valveYou don’t want to search for the main water valve in a downpour, so locate it before the storm, and be prepared to shut if off. This prevents contaminated water from entering your home’s supply. Open a faucet furthest away from the main line so air can enter the system, and you’re ready to ration water.

4. Secure the Water Heater – Your home plumbing system doesn’t need the extra pressure of heating and tanking water during a flood, so shut off the gas or electricity that fuels the water heater. This safety strategy also turns the appliance into a convenient source for gallons of potable water.

5. Do a Post-Storm Inspection – Texas weather clears up as fast as it blows in, but give your plumbing a good inspection once the flooding recedes. Turn your water back on at the main valve, and give faucets and toilets a test run. Check the yard for newly shifted shrubs or tree roots that can threaten or damage underground pipes.

If you’re concerned about potential plumbing problems after a flood, give us a call here at Accurate Leak and Line or fill out the contact form on the right side of this page.

We’ll check out your water and sewer lines and make sure that everything is operating safely. Being prepared makes a big difference, so we’re always happy to share ideas that keep your plumbing running smoothly.