6 Common Water and Sewer System Issues for Commercial Properties

Plumbing maintenance and repair services are a critical asset for commercial property owners. From simple leaks and clogs to sophisticated diagnostic procedures like hydrostatic pressure testing, the services and solutions that only the best commercial plumbers are able to offer can make a world of difference. The following six common issues are all problems with the potential to create a maintenance nightmare for property owners who fail to seek prompt professional solutions at the first sign of trouble. 

foundation slab leak crackOne: Foundation Cracks, Movement or Damage 

Damage to building’s foundation is often a very serious problem, one that has the potential to cause further issues if left unaddressed. Plumbing issues can result in issues like poor drainage, soil displacement and even a greater risk of foundation damage caused by root intrusion, all of which can cause foundations to shift or crack. Damaged foundations may result in numerous problems that may include:

  • Damaged plumbing systems
  • Loss of structural integrity
  • Ceiling and wall cracks

A professional assessment of a property’s foundation and plumbing system may be required to identify and address any issues that may damage a building’s foundation.

Two: Deteriorated Cast-Iron Sewer Lines

Cast-iron sewer lines are designed to last 25 years or more, but there are a variety of issues that may cause premature deterioration, wear and even complete failure. The presence of sewer gas odors, chronic clogging of drains and appliances and noticeable deformations and indentations in landscaped areas may all indicate a problem with a building’s sewer lines. Prompt action and professional sewer line services ensure such issues are addressed before they lead to larger and more costly issues.

Three: Water Pipe Damage

Water pipes that burst or leak can cause extensive property damage. Water line services can ensure that plumbing issues are less likely to damage walls, floors and ceilings or lead to mold and mildew infestations. Bulging walls and ceiling tiles or the presence of water stains are both indications that it may be time to call the professionals.

Four: Fresh Water Leak Detection

Early detection of a fresh water leak can limit the extend of the damage and ensure that maintenance and repair costs can be kept as low as possible. Superior commercial plumbing services that include a thorough inspection and assessment of all plumbing equipment and fixtures may be required in order to detect leaks that would otherwise escape notice. Failing to spot a fresh leak early on can find commercial property owners faced with a far more costly clean up.

epoxy pipe liningFive: Broken Copper Pipes

Repairing existing equipment can often be done for a fraction of the cost needed to replace pipes and fittings. The tools, experience and other resources that commercial plumbers can provide can be a crucial asset when it comes to soldering leaks, replacing worn fixtures and repairing broken copper pipes. Proper maintenance and quality repair work can extend the lifespan of a plumbing system considerably and ensure that property owners are able to avoid the added expenses needed to replace existing pipes and fixtures.

Six: Copper Pinhole Leaks

While copper pipes are durable, they do not last forever. Poor water quality can create pinhole leaks in copper pipes and fixtures in as little as two years. Professional commercial plumbing services can provide property owners with the means to repair their plumbing system and address any underlying water quality issues that may lead to future problems.

Plumbing issues are a concern that no commercial property owner can afford to ignore. Professional assessment, maintenance and repair services provide business owners with the solutions they need to address any plumbing issues that may pose a threat to their property. Contact Accurate Leak and let us help you with any commercial property sewer leak issues.