Concrete Slab Leaks & Repair

Here are six solid facts about slab leaks that every homeowner should know.

foundation slab pipes

1. Pipes Run Through Foundations

Your home was built with main plumbing lines encased in the foundation because it’s the most efficient and least expensive way to network water through the house.

A 1,700 square-foot home typically runs with 280 linear feet of plumbing pipe.

foundation slab crack

2. Concrete Doesn’t Stop Leaks

You’d think pipes buried in the foundation wouldn’t be prone to problems, but it’s not uncommon for corrosion to cause pinhole leaks.

As the house settles, that shifting pressure puts a heavy strain on pipes especially in homes that date back to the 1960s.

concrete slab leak3. Slab Leaks Leave Clues

Floor cracks, wet spots or areas that seem unusually cool or warm are all signs of a slab leak. That ghostly sound of constantly running water is another clue.

The average household spends $475 a year on water bills, so an unexpected increase in monthly costs should be cause for concern.

slab leak detection4. Professional Detection Works

Most homes lose 14 percent of their water supply through leakage every year. A serious slab leak skyrockets that number, but a professional plumber quickly isolates the problem with hydrostatic pressure testing and high-tech video inspections for slab leak detection.

slab leak repair

5. Traditional Repairs Are Expensive

The expense of tearing up and replacing existing flooring and infrastructure takes a big toll on home and office budgets.

Sometimes, the replacement can be made by pulling failed pipe from the foundation’s exterior, but traditional system replacements can cost as much as $15,000.

slab leak repair savings

6. Trenchless Technology Saves Money

Nu Flow CIPP solutions offer affordable alternatives to standard slab leak repair, and the technology works with any type of system regardless of a property’s age. Most jobs are completed in one or two days at an average cost of 50 percent less than traditional repairs.

It’s easier to solve a problem when you’re armed with the facts. If you have any questions about your home or office plumbing, just contact our teams here at Accurate Leak and Line. Wherever you’re located in Dallas, San Antonio or Austin, we’re always ready for your call.

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