6 Signs You Should Choose Trenchless Plumbing

A homeowner has many concerns when it comes to the upkeep of their residence, with many of those issues visible to the naked eye.
However, problems like drain line repair can sneak up on them because the pipes that handle such duties are located below ground or are otherwise hidden from view.

That’s especially true for older homes, with sewer lines generally requiring replacement after three or four decades of use.

Even before such replacements become necessary, the type of sewer line repair Houston residents need is something that can bring a sense of dread.

That’s because the thought of steep costs to fix a problem and a yard that quickly turns into an eyesore are the visions that come to mind for most people.

Listed below are some clear indications why you should consider the concept of trenchless sewer repair.

For some residents, it offers the benefit of non-invasive pipelining, thereby reducing their levels of stress.

6 Signs You Should Choose Trenchless Plumbing

A Durable Solution

While a quick fix can alleviate the aggravation a homeowner might feel, such work only serves as a band-aid for a much more serious problem.

Inevitably, such repairs have to be made. One of the major selling points and benefits of the trenchless pipe repair concept is that once it’s put in place, you won’t have to worry about it again for quite a while, if ever.

That’s because such installations come with warranties that can span anywhere from a single decade up to 50 years.

Since very few people stay in the same home for that long, this won’t be a lingering problem when you make the decision to sell your home.

That allows you to have a better chance at getting the price you’re seeking for your home.

The type of sewer line repair you choose should always be preceded by a pipe inspection. This involves the use of an underground camera that can detect the presence of any concerns, such as tree roots that are interfering with pipes or causing damage that’s going to require drain line repair.

The cost for this expense is usually less than $400, yet it can be a wise investment that pays off with a higher sale.

By the same token, someone thinking of purchasing a home can have this inspection conducted in order to avoid being stuck with a future problem after buying a home.

Getting It Done Quickly

The aforementioned quick fix is not to be confused with the speed of trenchless plumbing. The former process only offers superficial changes that essentially kick the can down the road when it comes to dealing with the problem.

In the latter case, however, such repairs may take a maximum of just a few days.

That’s a severe contrast to a scenario that may involve digging up all different parts of a property. When part of that property involves public land, it simply adds to the headaches involved and can require prohibitively expensive repairs that make such necessary work a nightmare.

The reason stems from the fact that drivers may have to be re-routed to avoid the area, with that expense and any subsequent repairs to the road simply added to the costs you’ll be expected to pay. That’s on top of your pipe repair bill.

The Beauty of Aesthetics

The old-fashioned method of replacing pipes is one that’s resulted in some homeowners having to virtually destroy their own property to deal with the problem.

That ends up taking an extended period of time and leaves your property looking like a war zone. In certain cases, gardens or flower beds that have been lovingly tended to for plenty of years are torn up because they happen to be where pipes are either damaged or in need of replacement.

With trenchless plumbing, the nightmares described above are avoided, especially when it comes to the issue of tree roots. Going the traditional route of pipe repair will simply cause history to repeat itself when those roots begin attacking the new pipe.

However, with the non-invasive pipe lining that’s available, those roots are stopped from causing any such damage.

That lining is made from an epoxy that hardens within a 12-hour period, which means that any pipe that had been leaking, eroding or has broken is now essentially as good as new. All of this comes with a minimum of hassle for the homeowner.

Comforting Economics

The concept that time is money is especially relevant when it comes to repairs.

With the reduced amount of time required for the installation of trenchless plumbing and the limited effect it has on a property, the costs involved can be a great deal less than those choosing the traditional approach.

Find out how much does it cost to repair a slab leak here.

Many people may be confused when they first receive a bill for the service, since it may look similar to the amount of the standard repair.

However, that price involves the repair, with the standard amount continuing with all of the other expenses previously noted.

Environmental Concerns

Given the amount of digging involved with the traditional approach, certain areas may be more vulnerable to their environment.

That’s because some areas may be tainted with some toxicity within their dirt, which means that disturbing such areas runs the risk of those in the surrounding area being subjected to breathing in the fouled air.

Equally bad can be any excavations that take place, which could push the quality of the drinking water into a danger area.

Given the fact that this type of drain line repair prides itself on being non-invasive, such dangers are avoided.

An Easy Selection

Accurate Leak & Line has plenty of experience when it comes to trenchless plumbing that makes this type of non-invasive pipelining the right choice.

So make sure to choose the type of sewer line repair Houston residents are inclined to prefer and choose Accurate Leak.