Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

In addition to trenchless plumbing technology, Accurate Leak and Line also provides traditional plumbing install solutions, including new sewer pipes, drain pipe installation and sewer main installation.

We also perform an array of maintenance on existing sewer systems, drain line replacement, drain cleaning, underground plumbing repair, sewer drain pipe repair and fix leaking sewer mains.

Our team is capable of large-scale commercial excavation for main sewer line replacement and leak repair.  Hand dug tunnels and slab penetration accesses are properly backfilled and restored.  All jobs are done to proposed specifications at a fixed cost, and all work is tested and comes with a 1-10 year warranty upon completion of job.

Accurate Leak and Line offers a multitude of sewer testing and traditional repair services that uniquely cater to our residential and commercial clients’ needs.  Initial diagnostic plumbing tests for drain and sewer systems will determine if and when a traditional sewer line repair is required.  A hydrostatic pressure test of the sanitary sewer system will indicate whether or not leaks are present in the drain system.  Static leak testing and a thorough pipe inspection will identify the damaged or leaking sewer pipes.

Traditional or trench sewer repair can be an unpleasant site for any residential and commercial area. But with our sanitary precautions and restoration process your land is in good hands.


Our Excavation Process:

How do you do plan traditional sewer line excavation?

Once we consult with you to create your preliminary sewer diagnosis we’ll map out each excavation before digging starts. Our detailed reports will tell you exactly which sewer pipes repaired with one or more options for you to choose from. Every fixed cost for each option will be included in your report.

What happens to my land during excavation?

OSHA certified crew members expose faulty sewer lines using shovels and chipping hammers. Every crew member uses confined space training to keep from damaging residential or commercial property. Crew members backfill excavations using tamping hammers for maximum compaction after repairs and replacements are complete. All excess dirt is hauled away and work areas are kept tidy.

What are some types of excavations for sewer line repairs?

A traditional sewer line repair or replacement could include external excavation (tunneling from outside), interior access excavation (jackhammer slab penetration), or exterior re-routing (re-routing of new lines around outside house or building). Most sewer systems like cast-iron types typically require a combination of traditional and trenchless repair. All traditional sewer line repair or drain line replacement comes with a 1-10 year warranty once your sewer system passes inspection.

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