Why Knowing the Age of Your Home Determines Future Sewer Line Repair Issues

An old house may have a lot of charm attached to its appeal but don’t forget to consider the age of the pipes and sewer system as well as the house itself. Sometimes, these fixtures are kept up well or have been recently replaced. Old house doesn’t automatically mean old and out dated pipes. Learn the age of your home and the systems it uses in order to better know how to take care of the pipes and sewer system and to determine (or avoid) future sewer line repair issues.

Materials and Erosion

Some materials hold up better than other, but a few decades ago the materials we use today were not readily available for sewer systems so they used materials that were more susceptible to erosion over time. In a few cases, these pipes have been replaced so future sewer line repair issues will be minimal but if they haven’t, your best decision might be to replace them yourself right away with updated materials.

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When it comes to replacing your pipes to prevent future issues, the choices may be overwhelming and you want to be sure you choose something that lasts and is easy to repair if the situation arises. The best way to do this is to ask questions. Talk to the plumbing experts and talk to several different people in order to determine what is best for you personally and your home.

Structure and Airspaces

The structure of old houses can be part of their appeal but they can also be the cause of future water line and sewer leakage. Check where the pipes are located, how the water flows, and what kind of septic system is involved. These factors will help you see if you can handle the current system or if the house just isn’t for you. Some old houses have small airspaces around pipes or structures that make for cramped areas to perform repairs.

Old Houses and New Repair Methods

Aside from the structure of the house, find out if its age affects where the water supply comes from and if this will inhibit trenchless sewer line repair. If there are issues in the future that you’ll want to have fixed quickly and with as little disruption to your daily life as possible, you’ll need to know if trenchless repair is an option. If you find out that trenchless repair cannot be done on the current system, then see if replacing the old system with something update will fix that problem.

Making Decisions

You might have already bought a house or inherited one and you’re unsure about the age. This doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake about owning the house. The factors above still apply even if you already own the house and the experts at Accurate Leak can help you determine which sewer line repair issues you may have to deal with in the future. Contact us today to get started.