Commercial Plumbing: Water and Sewer Line Repair

Commercial plumbing services are a basic need for any business with healthy employees and impressed clients. The last things you and your clients need to see are backed-up toilets or low water pressure while using the facilities. We focus on making commercial water and sewer system repair clean, smooth, and timely.

A series of slab leak tests and video pipe inspection will identify plumbing problems beneath the slab that can be potential causes of building foundation movement, drain stoppages, or aging water or sewer system.

A combination of cutting-edge pipelining and traditional excavation allows us to repair commercial and residential plumbing non-destructively. We can add and reinforce your current water systems with Epoxy pipelining that is environmentally safe without destroying your current infrastructure.  Exterior tunneling from the outside of the building is utilized to access and replace damaged pipes beneath slab without disrupting normal business activities and use of plumbing facilities.

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What are some common water and sewer system issues for commercial properties?

  • Foundation movement or cracking
  • Deteriorated cast-iron sewer lines
  • Water pipe damage.
  • Freshwater leaks.
  • Broken copper pipe.
  • Copper Pinhole leaks.

How do you find the problem for a commercial water and sewer system?

A hydrostatic pressure test or water pressure test & underground line location make our slab leak detection quick and accurate.

Whether it’s an over galvanized copper pipe in a small apartment building or a failing cast-iron sewer system beneath a large office/warehouse, we can provide a wide range of diagnostic and repair options. Click here to see how it’s done!


How do you fix commercial water and sewer lines?

Trenchless or “No-Dig” Water Line and Sewer Repair

The flow of your water and sewer system might have stopped but business keeps going. This is why we use a trenchless or “no-dig” method to fix your plumbing without making a dirty or hazardous scene. Once we clear out all the debris, we sand down all of your corroded pipes. Using Nu-Flow technology we create a new custom-fit pipe that restores your damaged water and sewer lines.

Traditional Sewer Repair and Water Line Repair

When water system or sewer system repair calls for traditional tunneling or slab penetration we take care of your property. Every excavation access is filled up properly and restored to its former self. Once all repairs are finished your commercial sewer and water line will be tested to see if everything is working properly. All commercial traditional water system repairs come with a 1-10 year warranty. All of our technicians and excavation crews are OSHA certified and receive confined space training.