Pre-Sale Real Estate Plumbing Inspection

Whether you’re selling a home or commercial building, its value depends on more than location and curb appeal. Structural integrity plays an vital role in setting the asking price, and that starts with a solid foundation. Accurate Leak and Line offers superior inspection, testing and repair services that cover sub-slab plumbing and water system infrastructure for residential and commercial properties.

Expert Sub-Slab Services

Certified property inspections confirm that a home or building meets established standards, and the process verifies everything from properly operating electrical and HVAC systems to sound roofing and solid foundations. While this type of inspection covers all the bases, it’s not meant as a substitute for detecting problems that can’t be seen. Verifying the integrity of sub-slab plumbing requires specialized equipment and industry knowledge. Our expert teams provide these professional services for homes and office buildings as well as commercial, retail and industrial sites.

Accurate Testing and Diagnostics

While visible cracks in a slab immediately cause concern, a general inspection often overlooks hidden deficiencies that can affect your property’s market value. We handle sub-slab plumbing inspections with high-tech equipment and industry-proven techniques that ensure an accurate assessment of materials and infrastructure. Our teams perform static pressure testing and drain line camera inspections, and we confirm a plumbing system’s integrity or detect any sub-slab leakage. If our diagnostics reveal problems, you receive our detailed report that outlines necessary repairs along with a fair cost proposal.


Security, Certification and Disclosure

Not every sub-slab inspection reveals hidden plumbing or sewer problems, but our detailed, expert services provide the additional security you want when it’s time to professionally certify a property for potential buyers. If repairs are necessary, we offer a variety of options including cast-in-place piping, trenchless sewer linings and traditional tunnel excavation. Our work makes sure that slab, foundation, sewer and plumbing issues don’t factor into the negotiations when it’s time to sell your property. You enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your seller’s disclosure statements are accurate and final.

It’s all about closing the sale and knowing that both parties are satisfied, so let us help ensure your property’s market value. We work closely with real estate professionals, home inspectors and property managers as well as private sellers, and we’ve maintained our outstanding reputation throughout Texas and the surrounding states since 2002. You want to sell with confidence, so contact our teams here at Accurate Leak and Line today.

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