Residential Water & Sewer Line Repair 

Accurate Leak and Line offers a full range of slab leak detection and repair services for residential customers throughout Texas.

Diagnostic Plumbing Testing and video camera inspection of sanitary sewer systems and domestic water systems are performed to accurately identify sub-slab plumbing problems. Cost-effective repair or replacement solutions are then recommended using a combination of traditional excavation (tunneling or slab penetration) and trenchless cast-in-place pipelining as an alternative to costly digging.

A hydrostatic pressure test performed on the sanitary sewer system will indicate the presence of leaking sewer pipes beneath the slab. A video pipe inspection is then performed in conjunction with static leak isolation testing to identify damaged pipe beneath the slab. Complete sewer replacement or relining options are subsequently presented to the homeowner, giving them an array of choices including non-destructive cast-in-place pipelining, traditional tunneling and sewer replacement, drain pipe re-routing, or a combination of all of these methods to completely renew a sub-slab failing plumbing system.

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How did my residential sewer pipes get this bad?

Pipes Materials Often Determine Water and Sewer Line Problems: pipes can come with their own unique reasons for needing replacement or unclogging. These reasons are a result of the elemental properties of the material in which the pipes are made of. Cast-iron drain pipes and clay sewer can get corroded and deteriorate while a copper water line may have calcium build-up. Different problems often lead to similar symptoms of pipe damage like foundation movement or backed-up drains.

How do they become a problem?

Sewer drain pipes continue to create expensive property problems for owners in Texas. Calcification, ground movement, line aging, and root intrusion all-cause Texas sanitary sewer systems to leak, back up, or fail altogether. Texas home and business owners pay thousands of dollars to fix foundation problems due to leaking sewer pipes. Mold and bacteria contamination also develops from damaged sewage systems to create serious health risks.

Plants Invade Residential Sewer Lines: plants might seem beautiful for any landscape but plants can be a nuisance for sewer pipes. When plants get a taste of the organic material in a sewer pipe they will invade your pipes and cause root intrusion. Not sure what your pipes are made of? Click here to let us find out for you!

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What is a strong indication that you need water or sewer repair?

  • Foundation movement or cracking
  • Water protrusion from slab or ground
  • Stoppage or backup of toilets
  • Unexplained odor.
  • High water bills.

Why do I need water and sewer line repair services?

Consuming clean water and draining away contaminated water is crucial for a healthy home. Copper is a common pipe and tubing material for domestic water systems. Even though copper is resistant to corrosion; copper pipes can leak, burst, and even corrode over time. Our water leak lining is made to fix these while stopping bacteria from growing in your home’s drinking and washing water.

What if my home needs traditional water and sewer line repair services?

If your plumbing repairs seem extensive our traditional plumbing services will install brand new copper pipes, water pipes, and water lines. Aging and deteriorated cast iron sewer system replacement and relining is our company’s specialty. No freshwater leak is too deep for our team. We hand-dig tunnels and use slab penetration to fix PVC pipe leaks, hot water slab leaks, and foundation leaks when necessary. We take care to properly backfill all tunnels and penetration access once the repairs are complete. Even after your new pipes pass a final hydrostatic pressure test or water pressure test they will be protected with a 1-10 year warranty.

Accurate Leak & Line is the leader in the pipe rehabilitation and underground plumbing repair industry. Our team of Texas Master licensed plumbers provides detailed diagnostics and cost-effective repair solutions for sewer and water piping systems.

We have served residential and commercial clients throughout major Texas cities and surrounding states since 2002 offering state of the art diagnostic plumbing testing with non-invasive epoxy pipelining and traditional excavation repair solutions.

  • Residential Services: Residential services include diagnostic plumbing testing to identify under slab plumbing problems such as aged or deteriorated cast-iron sewer lines or corroded copper pipes and pinhole water leaks. Cost-effective repair solutions are prepared for clients following water leak or drain leak testing. A hydrostatic pressure test or water pressure test will determine if leaks are present beneath a home.
  • Commercial Services: Over a decade of slab leak detection and non-destructive pipe restoration teaches us to combine re-piping and plumbing replacement with conventional repair methods. This creates an environmentally safe and sound pipe infrastructure rehabilitation process for commercial clients and commercial property managers throughout the state.  We also offer diagnostic plumbing test services for commercial properties.
  • Diagnostic Plumbing: We offer a wide range of diagnostic plumbing testing services including hydrostatic pressure testing, video camera inspection, and static leak isolation testing of sanitary sewer systems and drain systems to identify sub-slab sewer leaks or drain leaks.  Water pressure testing is performed on domestic water systems to identify water leaks or loss of pressure in the system.  State-of-the-art electronic listening devices and line tracing equipment is used to identify sub-slab water leaks.

Slab Leak Detection and Trenchless Pipe Restoration Specialization

Over a decade of slab leak detection and non-destructive pipe, restoration teaches us to combine re-piping and plumbing replacement with conventional repair methods. This creates an environmentally safe and sound pipe infrastructure rehabilitation.

Our pipe restoration process delivers safe and sanitary water thru schools, municipalities, businesses, and homes.

Sewer line video camera inspection and hydrostatic plumbing test give us a thorough insight for foundation repair evaluations. Before any trenchless pipe restoration starts we provide you with a fixed cost proposal that minimizes normal expenses such as digging.

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