Sub-Slab Pipe Leaks

Aged and deteriorated cast-iron sewer systems have probably reached the point where they are beginning to fail entirely.  Shifting ground has always caused water pipes to break. But now municipal water treatments systems increased input of chloramines and other chemicals speeds up todays copper water lines erosion like never before. Now brand new water line systems can show extensive pinhole copper pipe leaks in just five to ten years of being installed making them more vulnerable to slab leak.

How can I start my own sub-slab leak detection?

Check your property for:

  • Water protrusion from slab or ground.
  • Noise of running water in walls.
  • Hot spots on floors.
  • Consistent water meter movement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does your sub-slab water leak detection work?

Our plumbing specialists detect leaks deep below slab with electronic listening and line tracing equipment. Advanced methods like camera inspection and static pressure testing are used to pinpoint exactly where leaks are located. Under slab leak detection typically involves water pipe inspection and water line video.

How do you fix sub-slab water leaks?

Once we pinpoint sub-slab water leaks, traditional methods of excavation or Nu Flow trenchless water pipe epoxy coating are recommended to stop leaks. We’ll consult with you to come up with the best plan for your repair once your evaluation is complete.

Sub-slab Sewer Leak Repair & Detection Services

Residential or commercial buildings built before the mid 70’s most likely contain cast-iron or clay sewer lines. When cast-iron or clay sewer lines deteriorate and calcify they cause major drainage  and foundation issues.

How do you find and inspect a sub-slab sewer leak?

We practice cctv sanitary sewer inspections for commercial plumbing and diagnostic slab leak testing. An initial hydrostatic pressure test will indicate the presence of leaks under home followed by static pressure testing, static isolation testing and underground line location assists us in pinpointing sewer leaks under your slab. Our drain line cameras and detection equipment allow us to inspect the pipes from inside. Residential and commercial owners can view the damaged pipe slab closely from video.

How do you repair a sub-slab sewer leak?

Many clients have unique sewer repair needs but we always advocate trenchless sewer epoxy lined pipes to stop sub-slab sewer leakage. This type of sewer leak rehabilitation prevents contamination and illness from harmful mold and bacteria. All sewer leak repairs are done to specifications at a fixed cost with a 1-10 year warranty.

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