Foundation Problem Warning Signs

You’ve seen the unexplained cracks in your home and office growing larger every day. These gross cracks in walls and pavements are only a prequel to a bigger problem below your feet. Foundation problems are any foundation complications or properties that can undermine a commercial or residential infrastructure. Foundation plumbing leaks like slab leaks can literally tear a building structure apart for years without an owner suspecting anything.

Where do I start to look for foundation plumbing leaks?

Symptoms of foundation problems include:

  • Foundation movement
  • Buckling floors.
  • Cracking walls,
  • Doors Sticking.
  • Floor damage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did my foundation get this way?

Unstable soil conditions found throughout North Texas and the DFW Metroplex can account for a huge portion of foundation problems. Land movement shifts loose clay, sand, and silt found in Texas properties that causes stress on the fresh water and drain line systems. This stress separates, snaps, or leaks underground sub-slab pipes leaving water to seep and unsettle foundation. Root intrusion can also cause unnecessary stress to underground plumbing.

Why should I care about a foundation problem?

Foundation problems can create detrimental complications for your foundation. If left untreated, symptoms will only get more destructive to residential or commercial infrastructure. These problems cost thousands of dollars in foundation restoration for homes or businesses. Health risks for building occupants also occur due to contamination from broken sewers and leaking drain pipes.

How can you locate a foundation problem?

A thorough inspection of your underground plumbing can avoid continuous slab movement or to rule out plumbing leaks as a culprit for your shifty foundation. We specialize in diagnostic testing of sub-slab plumbing for residential and commercial properties. Our electronic listening and hydrostatic pressure tests find all breaks, leaks, and clogs in water systems and sanitary sewer systems. We can even determine the exact amount of fluid lost beneath slab during normal conditions.

Don’t let your foundation deterioration continue. Contact us here to get your foundation evaluation started!