Hot Weather and Plumbing Issues

As you probably know, cold climatic conditions can harm your plumbing, which is why most people think of frozen, busted pipes when it comes to weather-related plumbing problems. However, winter is not the only season hard on your plumbing, and you should stop to think about how the warm summer weather can also have adverse and negative effects on the plumbing in your Dallas home.

hot weather & identifying plumbing issues

Because you would not want to hassle with plumbing concerns when you could be relaxing during the summer months, and since Dallas is prone to hot weather conditions, it is necessary always to keep an eye out for the most common hot weather plumbing issues. Listed below are a few tricks and tips for such plumbing issues.

Plumbing or water leak in Dallas

For your plumbing, garden hoses, pools, and sprinklers, all add up to quite a workout, making it quite important that you always keep an eye out for Dallas water leaks. Check all your toilets, showerheads, and faucets for any drips, fixing them either immediately or as soon as you can. Leaks and drips can quickly add up the amount of wasted water, significantly increasing your water bills.

dallas water leaks

To check for hidden leaks with the potential of turning into major plumbing issues, inspect your water meter when you are not using any water, which will most likely be at night and note the readings. If your water meter reading has changed in the morning, your plumbing might have a leak that needs immediate attention. Contact a professional plumber for an extensive examination to effectively diagnose any water leak in Dallas and for repairs.

Clogged drains

During the hot summer months, most people host cookouts, and as a result, garbage disposals and drains get more of a workout this time of year. Although you might get tempted to use your garbage disposal to assist with the cleaning and clearing necessary after a cookout, remembering that not all types of food are meant to go down the disposal is important. Foodstuffs that retain water such as fibrous vegetables and fruits, rice, bread, celery, and cornhusks can quickly clog your drains and garbage disposals. You should also ensure eggshells, potato peels, and cooking oil stays away from your garbage disposal.

Run cold or lukewarm water before, during and after use of the disposal to help prevent the clogging of your drains, especially during summer that is when you need them the most.

dallas water line repair leaking pipes

Dallas sewer line leaks and backups

Sewer leaks and backups are some of the most common plumbing problems during the hot summer months. Dallas sewer line leaks and backups can be the cause of serious problems for your home, making it important for homeowners to take note.

Additional rainfall and new tree root growths can wreak havoc on your sewer lines, causing sewer leaks. If you have a backed up or clogged sewer line, you might notice some of the other drains in your home such as the shower and toilet drains either gurgling or backing up whenever you flush your toilet or run water in the shower. Whenever you notice such symptoms of sewer line problems, contacting a professional plumber to conduct an extensive inspection and diagnosis of your plumbing is a necessity.

Damage from UV rays

Hot weather conditions and UV rays can also cause extensive damages to exposed plumbing pipes, and as such, any exposed plumbing must be appropriately covered with insulation. Such measures will not only protect the pipes from the cold during winter but will also shield them from the harmful UV rays during the summer.

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