How Does Water Leak Detection Work?

Modern Leak Detection Technology and Its Benefits

There are many homes that have been constructed or repaired with faulty plumbing materials. This has resulted in broken pipes, failed connections and more. When this happens, water damage occurs. Damage to homes due to water damage is double that of break-ins and fires combined. A homeowner will want to protect their home and belongings. This is why water leak detection is important. It can detect all potential expensive problems resulting from a water leak.

water pipe leaks

Signs Of Water Leaks

An unusually high water bill combined with the reading of a water meter can show there is a water leak inside a home. This could also be the case if there is mold or mildew on non-shower walls. Walls, flooring, and ceilings that are sagging as well as stained or damaged can all be signs of a water leak.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

It is possible to use video camera equipment to successfully detect in-line drain and sewer problems. This is often an infrared camera placed into a line at a toilet drain, existing cleanout or roof vent. It can identify exact places of breaks, deteriorated pipes, obstructions and more. Using a video camera pipe inspection, they can identify a small problem so it can be corrected before sewer repair services are necessary.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

This is an effective pressure test done on a structure’s sanitary sewer system. It can detect any water leaks that may exist in an underground plumbing system. This test involves placing an inflatable test ball into a structure’s main line sewer cleanout. It is then inflated and obstructs the main sewer line. The plumbing system is then filled with water up to its slab level. The water is observed for approximately 20 minutes. Should the plumbing system not be able to go up to slab level, or the water recedes, it is evidence of water leaking.

Slab Leak Detection

This can be done with a combination of line tracing equipment, static pressure testing as well as camera pipe inspection. This will make it possible to determine the exact spot of a slab leak. The equipment used for this will provide a very detailed evaluation. It can provide the amount of fluid that escapes under a slab with normal use and more.

Electronic Listening Devices

This makes it possible for technicians to hear any type of water leak far into a structure’s water lines. Once it is determined the general location of a leak, a line tracer system will then be used. This introduces a small electric charge into the water line. This will make it possible to determine the exact spot of the water leak.

Static Leak Isolation

This type of leak detection involves a process that combines hydrostatic pressure testing with pipe inspection using sewer video cameras. An in-line sewer video camera is used to determine the best placement of the system to provide a visual of the structure’s sanitary sewer system. Hydrostatic pressure testing is then used to determine sections under a slab sewer system where a leak could be occurring. Inflatable test balls are then placed in the system to identify specific places in the line where a leak could exist.

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Digital Water Leak Detection

These digital devices are able to locate many different water leaks in a complex network. This works by using an amplifier to quickly identify sounds associated with a leak. These devices have a noise filter that eliminates such sounds as pedestrian footsteps, passing vehicles, people talking and more. It provides a bar graph and a numeric display of volume.

Modern leak detection technology enables technicians to determine the exact spot of a leak without the costs associated with digging up property. These methods are non-destructive and non-invasive. They won’t leave any damage. This technology enables the leak to be found, fixed and property left in the same condition it was prior to work starting.