How Hard Water Damages Pipes

Why Is Hard Water So Hard On Your Pipes?

It tastes better at the tap, and it usually doesn’t pose a health hazard, but there isn’t anything else good to say about hard water. Softening treatments and systems don’t address the long-term effects of this natural problem, and they can leave an odd flavor in your glass. You can’t get away from it, but you can keep an eye out for signs that indicate hard water trouble at the house or office.

A Natural, Gradual Process


“drinking water” by Flickr user darwin Bell used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

Regardless of the source or city, all water supplies contain inorganic minerals. The main ingredients in hard water are magnesium and calcium, and they’re often referred to as mineral salts. Your body doesn’t absorb these elements, but plumbing acts as a capture system that causes them to bind together and form lime scale deposits inside pipes. Over time, this buildup compromises your plumbing’s performance and reduces its ability to supply your home or business with an efficient water flow.

Slow Deposits, Long-Term Damage

It takes time for hard water to ruin pipes, but it’s impossible to avoid the process. Mineral deposits adhere to the infrastructure’s interior and weaken its material. The problem develops slowly with different results. Some pipes spring pin hole leaks that seep under flooring, behind walls and through sewer lines. The accumulation of calcium and magnesium eventually causes cracking, clogging and backups. Left untreated, the deposits choke water flow down to a trickle and wreck your plumbing’s network.

Signs of Hard Water Problems

You can’t peek inside pipes, so it’s impossible to know the severity of a mineral buildup. Dripping faucets can be the result of shutoff mechanisms clogged with lime scale. Hard water prevents appliances from working at peak efficiency, so you notice more soap scum in the washing machine and less hot water in the shower. Your best protection against long-lasting damage depends on an annual inspection by a plumbing pro. He can address hard water problems and help you avoid expensive pipe, sewer and appliance repairs.

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