Importance of Regular Waterline Testing

importance of water line testing

When a home starts experiencing water protruding from slabs, clear audible noise of running water in pipes through walls, and extremely high water bills, it may be time to test the waterline. Water leaks for long periods through pipes, compromises the ground below by changing the soil to swampy land. For pipes below houses, such leaks weaken the foundation and expose the water to contaminants. Once waterline tests for pressure are carried out, a water line leak in Dallas can be repaired using two methods, traditional repair, and trenchless repair.

Traditional water line repair involves excavation to expose the affected water pipes for manual repair and re-routing of waterlines from the compromised pipes. On the other hand, trenchless water line repair uses a series of technologically advanced techniques for water replacement. The advanced methods use pipelining cameras to identify the cause of the problem without excavation. Regular waterline testing is an important part of home care for many reasons.

  • Testing the water line is important especially for new houses. It helps to establish the status of current water treatments as to whether they are efficient and sufficient for the people moving in.
  • A test guides a homeowner on what type of water treatment to invest in, after establishing existing problems in the supply setup.
  • A yearly waterline testing is useful when it comes to keeping records of water levels to use when a problem arises. Constructions are known to damage water supply, and a clear history proves the water quality before interference.
  • Underground pipes are susceptible to water contamination from chemicals and bacteria. Testing identifies cases of coli and coli form in water, for a homeowner to invest in the appropriate treatment system. The leak can be stopped using the trenchless water line repair.
  • Water testing identifies the quality of water after a flood. Flooded water transfers contaminants from other areas such as farms and sewerage systems to a home water supply.
  • Homeowners should test their water quality if they are expecting a newborn. Babies can contract diseases from contaminated water through the preparation of formula milk and bathing. An analysis in the early stages of pregnancy will identify the right water treatment.

immediate water line testing

At times, a water test may be called for before the end of one year. The following red flags should warrant an immediate waterline testing:

  • Oil or gas drilling companies close to a home residence or a gas station.
  • High levels or water turbidity, and stains on water fixtures and clothes.
  • A leaking gas tank or a farm which uses chemicals and pesticides
  • A house too close to the septic tank or family members complaining of gastrointestinal problems.

You, just like others may prefer to use home waterline testing kits. The problem is the results obtained are not accurate and comprehensive. Water supply treatments require experienced professionals to get to the cause of a leak. Log on to and let them handle your waterline testing. At Accurate Leak and Line we use certified Nu Flow technicians. They do not take chances or guess; they are adequately skilled in handling any issue.