Most Common Causes For Slab Leaks

Plumbing leaks can develop anywhere in the pipes of your Dallas area home, and this includes in the ground as well as in your concrete slab foundation. Concrete slab leaks can be particularly problematic to deal with because they can be difficult to detect. You may think that you are safe from slab leaks because the concrete protects the pipes, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, a closer look at the warning signs of slab leaks may help you to determine if you have a leak.

how to turn off a water meter valveCommon Signs of a Slab Leak

There are several things that you may notice that could indicate a possible leak. For example, you may notice a damp spot on the floor that never seems to go away, or you may notice that your water bills are higher than they usually are. Some leaks cause a drop in water pressure throughout the house. You may notice one or a combination of these signs, and all could indicate that you have a water leak inside the foundation of your home. Slab leak testing can determine for certain if you have a leak. There are several causes of these types of leaks, and you may realize with examination of the causes that your home may be affected by each of these potential causes.

Poor Construction

Many of the homes in the DFW TX area have been properly built, but some will have a few issues with low quality pipes, damaged pipes or improper installation that ultimately can lead to the need for slab leak repair. For example, pipes could have been dented, kinked or otherwise damaged, and this can result in a leaking pipe issue. In addition, some may have come into contact with chemical agents that ultimately caused them to leak or burst. It is not possible for you to tell after the foundation has been poured if these issues are affecting your home, but slab leak testing can be used to determine if you have a leak.

Poor Water Quality

If your water quality is poor, it could be damaging your pipes. You can look for signs that your water is too acidic or basic, or you can conduct a pH test at home to learn more about its composition. For example, if you have an aqua-colored ring on your bathtub or if you can smell chlorine when you turn the water on, these are signs that the water may be too acidic and needs to be neutralized for the sake of the pipes.

hydrostatic plumbing testingWater Pressure 

Water pressure is another common cause of leaky pipes, including slab leaks. High water pressure can be caused by poor construction techniques, earth movement and shifting or something else entirely. When water pressure is too forceful, unnecessary outward pressure is exerted on the pipes, and this can cause them to rupture and break.


Friction is perhaps one of the most common causes of pipe leaks in slab foundations in Dallas TX area homes. When pipes rub against concrete, they can wear down over time. Eventually, a smaller or larger leak can develop, or the entire pipe could rupture if the weakened area is significant enough.

If you have noticed signs of a leak in your home’s foundation, now is the time to contact a professional for diagnosis and professional slab leak repair. This type of problem could grow costly for you to repair if it is left untended, so make an effort to contact a plumber for a diagnosis today.