Sewer line inspections are recommended when a home is being considered for purchase, but this is not the only time they need to be done. There are many occasions when people should consider having an inspection performed. Undiagnosed sewer line malfunctions can lead to a number of problems, both inside the home and in the yard. In some instances the inspection will be needed because of troubling signs, in other instances it may just be suggested because of work being done to the home or in the yard.

sewer and pipe inspection

Signs of Sewer Line Issues
Residential Sewer Pipe
Sewer problems can sneak up on a homeowner, but more often there are signs that a problem is happening. Some are subtle, others less so.

  • Sewage and water backups in the toilet.
  • Odd odors, particularly in the basement or bathrooms with no obvious cause.
  • Frequently clogged or slow-draining sinks, tubs and toilets.
  • Dips or indentations appearing in the lawn.
  • Patches of unusually thick, or fast-growing grass where sewer lines are located.

Inspecting Before Problems Develop

It is not always advisable to wait until a problem is apparent to have a sewer inspection performed. In fact, there are numerous times when the plumbing may seem to be trouble-free but a pipe inspection is still recommended.

  • When purchasing a home of any age.
  • If a current home is 20-years old or older and no known previous inspection has been performed.
  • During a renovation project where a new or additional bathroom will be added. The extra volume of another bathroom, or added pressure from newer products could lead to problems even if none have existed before.
  • Before making expensive landscaping changes above the sewer line. Few homeowners will appreciate spending thousands to install lawn features and gardens, only to have them destroyed within a few years to replace a sewer line.

Our sewer inspectors at Accurate Leak and Line will want to know exactly what the family has been experiencing, as well as any previous sewer or water line issues that have occurred. They can often inspect lines with cameras before any excavation will be necessary. They will also frequently inspect the interior of the home for signs of leaks and old water damage. Once the problem is identified, our inspector will offer the best options available for replacing or repairing pipes, as well as give tips on how to prevent future issues.

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