Trenchless Monthly – February 2014

February trenchless plumbing newsletter

February 2014 - Trenchless monthly newsletter
Accurate Leak & Line is an established plumbing rehabilitation company utilizing non-destructive trenchless techniques. Our group of master plumbers provides expert diagnostics and cost effective repair solutions for sewer and water piping systems through epoxy pipelining and traditional excavation and repair. Our services are offered to residential and commercial clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Austin and San Antonio, and surrounding states.With our extensive background in slab leak detection, and years of experience in non-destructive trenchless plumbing repair, we have combined re-piping and replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to create an environmentally safe and sound plumbing infrastructure rehabilitation process. In addition to residential properties, we utilize this unique process to deliver safe and sanitary water to and from schools, municipalities, businesses and communities alike. Along with trenchless plumbing restoration, water leak and drain leak services, we provide sewer line video camera inspection and plumbing testing for foundation repair evaluation. Detailed analysis and fixed cost proposals for repair are provided to customer upon completion of diagnostic slab leak testing, using trenchless plumbing technology to fix foundation leaks while minimizing digging and added expense.
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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Trenchless Water Line Repair

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The Christian Care Center - Dallas, TX The Christian Care Center - Dallas, TX sewer rehabilitation
The Christian Care Center – Dallas, TXThe Christian Care Center, an upscale retirement community located in Dallas, Texas was built in the early 60’s and is in continuous upgrade and repair of their aged and deteriorated cast iron and copper water system. Accurate Leak and Line has a long lasting relationship with the care center based on repeat success of rehabilitation of the care centers failing infrastructure.Following repeat sewer stoppages and building foundation issues, it was apparent that one of the centers oldest resident buildings had underlying plumbing issues. Accurate Leak and Line performed diagnostic plumbing testing and video camera inspection on the aged buildings cast iron sewer system and determined that the under slab system had far over reached its life span and was deteriorated and leaking below the building throughout. Accurate Leak and Line was hired by the care center to completely rehabilitate the building sewer system with epoxy pipe rehabilitation. The system was accessed through existing cleanouts and the entire main plumbing sewer system was lined with an impermeable epoxy pipeliner with a 100+ year life span.Being an occupied residential building containing approximately 75 units, it was crucial for the residents to go undisturbed, which would have been the case with traditional excavation and repair. With Accurates’ trenchless epoxy method of repair, the building residents were able to go undisturbed and carry on with their everyday activities. Accurate Leak and Line is the proven choice for communities, property management, universities, care facilities, commercial and residential properties for expert plumbing and mechanical diagnostics, trenchless epoxy pipe repair and complete rehabilitation, as well as expert traditional excavation and repair / replacement.

Cast iron piping has a life span of 30 years, and was put out of use in the late 70’s, meaning any structure built prior to 1980 will contain deteriorated cast iron sewer and galvanized or copper water system in serious need of replacement or complete epoxy rehabilitation. All Commercial buildings with above slab piping (pipes in walls and ceilings) contain cast iron sewer pipes and metallic water pipes above slab level due to fire code.

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water line repair in Austin TX non-invasive spot repair - Austin Realtors and Property Management
Austin Realtors and Property ManagementAccurate Leak and Line has a vast clientele of realtors and property managers throughout all three of our locations including Austin, Dallas, and surrounding suburbs of each. Our clientele rely on Accurate Leaks expertise in concealed plumbing and mechanical diagnostics and pipe replacement / rehabilitation. In this case, an Austin realtor contacted Accurate Leak to perform diagnostic plumbing testing/video camera inspection on a residence for sale that had already been looked at and complete replacement bid on by another plumber referred by the buyer’s agent.The house was built in the early 70’s and there was no way around the aged and deteriorated cast iron sewer system and copper water supply system located below slab level. Accurate Leak Licensed technicians ran a camera throughout the system and provided a fixed, cost effective proposal for complete replacement and epoxy rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system and water supply system. A combination of traditional excavation and replacement was performed on sections of the sewer system that were unable to be epoxy lined, and the rest of the sewer system was epoxy pipelined, eliminating extensive, time consuming and costly excavation and replacement.The deteriorated copper water supply system was epoxy coated with US Navy patented Potable Epoxy pipe coating system from existing pipe access points (supply valves located below sinks, etc.) to completely coat and renew the entire incoming drinking water system. The complete house sub-slab plumbing system was renewed within 1 week with minimal excavation saving thousands and keeping the sale of the house on track for all parties.

Other companies un-specialized in complete system replacement and epoxy pipe restoration may take months to complete such a job at an astronomical cost in labor and restoration costs. Accurate Leak and Line specializes in complete plumbing system replacement and complete plumbing system epoxy rehabilitation offering clientele all possible solutions based on each clients specific needs. We provide cost effective and fixed proposals and complete our projects within a quick and professional projected time frame. Accurate Leaks complete plumbing system renewal carries a 10 year transferrable warranty.

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sewer pipe replacement in Austin
Texas Pipe Restoration And Slab Leak SpecialistsAccurate Leak & Line… Texas Pipe Restoration And Slab Leak Specialists

Accurate Leak & Line is a Texas based Company with offices and full time pipelining technicians in Austin and Dallas.

Each of our three office operations are full-time managed by Texas Master Plumbers specializing in epoxy pipe coating and lining of aged and deteriorated pipelines including Galvanized and Copper Potable Water Systems, HVAC , Cast Iron, Concrete and Clay Sanitary Sewer Systems, Roof Drains and Surface Drains etc.

We would like the chance to meet with you to discuss our pipelining techniques and how they would greatly benefit your organization.

Please view our website to learn more about us and contact our office nearest you to schedule a meeting.

Please visit our newsletter archive to view other high-profile jobs completed across the state of Texas.