Trenchless Monthly – January 2012
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High Volume Retail Store Foundation Is Rescued¬†Major foundation movement and shifting was occurring throughout the structure creating major cosmetic damage including cracks throughout the buildings’ slab, flooring and walls. Following an engineering assessment, it was determined that the unusual shifting of the building did not meet normal criteria and recommended an investigation of the sub slab plumbing for possible leaks. Accurate Leak & Line was contracted by one of its many prominent property management companies to first diagnose the source of the plumbing leak and then propose a remedy to the problem. Accurate Leak was happy to oblige…Major leaks were diagnosed to the sewer system below the building. Cast in place epoxy pipelining was utilized to repair the leaks. Accurate leak & Line used existing access (cleanouts, roof vents, etc.) into the building sewer system to strategically set the epoxy pipe-liner in place via video camera inspection. The leaks were successfully and permanently repaired with no disruption to the stores high volume customer traffic.Note: Plumbing leaks under slab will cause the soil to expand and in turn create upheaval on a building or home slab foundation. This, along with Texas’ notorious unstable soil conditions and drought weather is guaranteed to create foundation problems. In many cases, repair of sub slab leaks will bring the moisture content of the soil beneath the slab to its natural uniform condition and naturally correct foundation issues, thereby eliminating the expense and added burden of foundation repair (piers).Learn More about Trenchless Drain Repair
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Mystery Water Leak In North Texas HomeA 3 1/2 bathroom home in Mckinney, TX was plagued by a “ghost” pressure water leak. The water would mysteriously come and go protruding from beneath the kitchen custom cabinets. Due to the location of the water leak (below cabinets and likely encased in a structural concrete grade beam), the onsite plumber was extremely hesitant in attempting traditional methods of repair.To rescue the homeowner from what would have been a very unpleasant experience, the trusted plumbing company recommended Accurate Leak & Line to epoxy coat the piping system and permanently repair the existing leak as well as preventing any future leaks. After consulting with her adjuster, it was decided that the Accurate Leak & Line epoxy method of repair would ultimately be the most cost effective route, saving the custom cabinets, tile flooring and the integrity of the slab.The Accurate water lining crew accessed the house water supply system from existing openings (supply stops beneath fixtures and water heaters etc.) in order to clean and epoxy coat the entire water piping system throughout the slab and walls. The process was completed in two days, permanently repairing the existing water leak with no destruction to the home and a transferrable warranty guaranteeing no further leaks throughout the entire fresh-water plumbing system.The Homeowner was ecstatic of not having to go through the time consuming headaches of a traditional destructive repair process and the trusted plumbing company earned a valued customer for life.Learn More about Trenchless Water Line Repair
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Accurate Leak & Line uses a pulled-in-place structural epoxy liner to re-line complete sewer systems or spot repair isolated leaks. We reline pipe systems from within the pipe, eliminating extensive and costly destruction and excavation of your home or business.

Accurate Leak & Line specializes in no-dig pipe repair and trenchless sewer linings as an alternative to sewer drain replacement. The trenchless piping process creates new pipes without damage, typically at a lower cost than traditional sewer repair. As a plumbing replacement alternative, Nu Flow epoxy lining delivers on all fronts.


Identify Damaged Plumbing
1. Identify Damaged Plumbing
Pipe is Cleaned & Prepared
2. Pipe is Cleaned & Prepared
Plumbing is Lined with Epoxy
3. Plumbing is Lined with Epoxy
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Accurate Leak & Line is an established plumbing rehabilitation company utilizing non-destructive trenchless techniques. Our group of master plumbers provides expert diagnostics and cost effective repair solutions for sewer and water piping systems through epoxy pipelining and traditional excavation and repair.Our services are offered to residential and commercial clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Austin and San Antonio, and surrounding states.With our extensive background in slab leak detection, and years of experience in non-destructive trenchless plumbing repair, we have combined re-piping and replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to create an environmentally safe and sound plumbing infrastructure rehabilitation process. In addition to residential properties, we utilize this unique process to deliver safe and sanitary water to and from schools, municipalities, businesses and communities alike.Along with trenchless plumbing restoration, water leak and drain leak services, we provide sewer line video camera inspection and plumbing testing for foundation repair evaluation. Detailed analysis and fixed cost proposals for repair are provided to customer upon completion of diagnostic slab leak testing, using trenchless plumbing technology to fix foundation leaks while minimizing digging and added expense.Click Here for an in-depth article about Accurate Leak & Line that appeared in the January 2012 edition of Cleaner Magazine. Cleaner Magazine serves owners and managers of residential and commercial drain and sewer maintenance, cleaning and repair businesses along with industrial high pressure cleaning contractors.