Trenchless Monthly – June 2012

June 2012 Trenchless Plumbing Monthly Newsletter
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Trenchless Monthly - June 2012
Accurate Leak & Line is an established plumbing rehabilitation company utilizing non-destructive trenchless techniques. Our group of master plumbers provides expert diagnostics and cost effective repair solutions for sewer and water piping systems through epoxy pipelining and traditional excavation and repair. Our services are offered to residential and commercial clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Austin and San Antonio, and surrounding states.BBB accredited businessWith our extensive background in slab leak detection, and years of experience in non-destructive trenchless plumbing repair, we have combined re-piping and replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to create an environmentally safe and sound plumbing infrastructure rehabilitation process. In addition to residential properties, we utilize this unique process to deliver safe and sanitary water to and from schools, municipalities, businesses and communities flowAlong with trenchless plumbing restoration, water leak and drain leak services, we provide sewer line video camera inspection and plumbing testing for foundation repair evaluation. Detailed analysis and fixed cost proposals for repair are provided to customer upon completion of diagnostic slab leak testing, using trenchless plumbing technology to fix foundation leaks while minimizing digging and added expense.Click Here for an in-depth article about Accurate Leak & Line that appeared in the January 2012 edition of Cleaner Magazine. Cleaner Magazine serves owners and managers of residential and commercial drain and sewer maintenance, cleaning and repair businesses along with industrial high pressure cleaning contractors.
Sewer Main Line Restored Below Busy Christian Care Center commercial Sewer Line Repair
6 Inch Sewer Main Line Restored Below Busy Christian Care Center The Christian Care Center is an exclusive retirement care facility located in Mesquite Texas. When the building began to show sporadic signs of foundation movement (cracking walls, sticking doors etc.), it did not take long for facility management to request diagnostics of the building sub slab piping system. Upon Video Camera Inspection, approximately 100 feet of 6 Inch cast iron main sewer line traveling below the main hall corridor (where all of the foundation movement was occurring) was observed to be severely deteriorated and leaking throughout. The disruption and down time associated with traditional excavation and re-pipe of the damaged pipeline would have been devastating to the community, shutting down and relocating tenants throughout the entire west wing of the 5 story building. Avoiding massive destruction and community distress, Accurate Leak & Line Installed a structural Epoxy Pipeliner throughout the 100 foot of existing pipeline through existing access points into the system. Multiple installations were performed such that major portions of the community would always have use of their plumbing facilities. Within three days, Accurate Leak & Line had renewed all of the 100 foot of damaged main line with an impermeable structural epoxy pipe-liner, guaranteed and warrantied not to leak. There was no major disruption to the facility community, no destruction to the building structure, and the cost savings was astronomical.Learn More about Trenchless Drain Repair
water drain lines
water line repair in San Antonio residential water line repair in San Antonio
Home Water Piping System Restored in San Antonio, Texas This beautiful home located in the hills of San Antonio had experienced its fair share of water pipe leaks in both the slab and walls. The home had a combination of copper water piping located below the slab and galvanized piping located throughout the walls and at fixture stub outs. The copper system was experiencing repetitive pinhole leaks beneath the slab and the galvanized system had leaked in the walls and was cause for low pressure and rusty water throughout.The distraught homeowner had already spent thousands on slab leak repairs and thousands more on floor replacement, drywall repair and decorative texture finish. When another leak had presented itself below slab, she was pleased to put a stop to the madness through our non-invasive epoxy water pipe repair and restoration process. Accurate Leak & Line entered the piping system by removing the visible stop valves below sinks, toilets, tubs and water heater etc. From these access points, the entire system was air dried, sand blasted clean and then coated with an impermeable epoxy pipe-liner guaranteed and warrantied not to leak again.Our Nu Flow Epoxy coating is FDA and NSF approved for drinking water systems and restores the water system to new increasing flow, producing clean clear water and preventing any chance of future pipe leakage. Following a short curing process, new valves were installed throughout the house and the system water pressure was returned to full with no further leaks.Learn More about Trenchless Water Line Repair
Water Piping System in San Antonio, TX
Accurate Leak & LineAccurate Leak & Line… Texas Pipe Restoration And Slab Leak Specialists

Accurate Leak & Line is a Texas based Company with offices and full time pipelining technicians in Austin, and Dallas.

Each of our three office operations are full-time managed by Texas Master Plumbers specializing in epoxy pipe coating and lining of aged and deteriorated pipelines including Galvanized and Copper Potable Water Systems, HVAC , Cast Iron, Concrete and Clay Sanitary Sewer Systems, Roof Drains and Surface Drains etc.

We would like the chance to meet with you to discuss our pipelining techniques and how they would greatly benefit your organization.

Please view our website to learn more about us and contact our office nearest you to schedule a meeting.

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