What Are The Benefits Of Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Your home will have one of two plumbing systems designed to eliminate the wastewater from your house. You will either have a septic tank system or you will be connected to your local municipality’s water and sewage system. In either case, there will be the main drain that leads out of your house and connects to either the city’s line or your septic line. The main drain is underground and will lead out of the basement or other lower area of your home. As with any other component of your plumbing system, this drain pipe will require some maintenance on the part of the homeowner.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Periodically, those underground plumbing lines can become damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. If you notice a sewage smell in your yard or are seeing wet spots on the lawn, you could have a problem with the underground sewer line leading out of your home. Traditionally, repairing one of these pipes would require digging up your yard in order to replace the pipe. Now, fortunately, you have the advantage of a trenchless sewer repair. A certified plumber will be able to assess your concerns and offer viable solutions if any repair is needed.

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A trenchless sewer repair is completed by a plumber who specializes in trenchless plumbing. The biggest advantage of a trenchless repair is that it requires very little digging. In the past, the cost of replacing the landscaping that was lost during an underground pipe repair was substantial, depending on how much digging was needed. Now, with trenchless plumbing, hardly any of the landscaping is disturbed during the repair.

Here’s how it works:
Your plumber will inspect the interior of the sewer pipe with a scoping camera. Accessing the line from the interior of your home, this will tell them how long the line is, where the damage is, and how extensive it is. Then, they will advise you of the best approach to fix the pipe. If you decide on a trenchless repair method, they will begin to remove the old pipe by flushing it out with a hydro-jetter. Your trenchless sewer professional is going to make sure to remove all of the old pipe and debris creating a clean trench in which to place the new pipe.

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Once the new conduit is ready, a new pipelining can be inserted from the same access point inside the house, usually the basement. The new pipe, called a CIPP, will need time to set. It is made from resin and will harden to replace your old sewer line. Lastly, your plumber will utilize the scoping camera to inspect the new line and make sure everything is operational before restoring the water usage in your home.

Traditionally, the cost of an underground sewer repair could almost be doubled by the added expense of replacing all of the dug-up lawn and destroyed landscaping. Digging was also much more time consuming and it could, sometimes, take days or weeks to complete the process of replacing the pipe. Of course, you and your family wouldn’t be able to use the house without a functioning plumbing system during that time, which could mean even more expenses. With a trenchless sewer repair, not only will you not have to worry about the expense of replacing the landscaping, but the job can usually be completed in just one day turning a once arduous procedure into a much simpler repair for a homeowner.


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