Trenchless Pipe Repair Isn’t As Bad As You Think

For many homeowners and commercial business owners, one of the worst fears regarding their property is a serious plumbing related problem. While many property owners initially think about plumbing problems that occur inside the home or commercial building, there are some issues that occur underground.

trenchless plumbing repair in DallasGenerally these plumbing problems involve underground pipe leaks. One of the main reasons why under slab pipe leaks are such a concern for many property owners is that the leaks can go undetected for a very long time. At least within the confines of the home or business, many leaks are either visible or eventually will be seen because the leaks will cause noticeable damage. However, underground leaks are hard to detect for property owners because they cannot see the leak and by the time it is detected, the damage can be very severe.

Types of Foundation Damage

The types of damage that can result from foundation leaks include:

  1. Cracks in the walls
  2. Movement in the property foundation
  3. Sinks that do not drain properly, and toilets that no longer flush properly
  4. An increase in monthly water bills due to high water usage

While the thought of a pipe leak can be unnerving, the chance of property owners having this problem is somewhat common. The reason why these leaks tend to be common is because pipes are made from materials that will eventually fall victim to mother nature.

Here are some of the most common situations that can cause leak:

  1. The environment
  2. Constant water usage
  3. Weather conditions time will cause the pipes to rust, decay, or crack.

Once there is leak, it should be repaired as quickly as possible. The traditional method of repairing an underground leak usually involves digging up the ground where the leak is suspected. This is a costly endeavor and does great damage to the property, but this has been a method commonly used for many years. However, there is another method concerning the repair of underground leakage that is currently popular, which is called trenchless repair.

Water Line Repair and Restoration

In general trenchless water line repair is a non-invasive process that is used to repair and restore underground pipes using structural and spray-in epoxy lining techniques. This process avoids the need to dig up slabs and soil concerning underground pipe leaks. In many instances, this process can save property owners thousands of dollars related to underground pipe repair cost and property damage.

Before the trenchless process is started, a licensed plumbing professional will typically use a series of video and hydrostatic tests to determine where leaks are located. These tests provide an analysis that is highly successful in determining the plumbing repair in DFW

When pipe leak locations have been determined, the trenchless sewer repair can be conducted. This trenchless process has evolved because of the various technology innovations that currently allow plumbing professionals to view underground plumbing systems using technology and equipment instead of having to dig to visually determine the location. While the trenchless process is highly successful and cost effective, only licensed professionals familiar with the technology and its utilization should attempt the process.

Saving On Time and Money

Trenchless water line repair is an innovation in the plumbing industry that has saved many property owners money regarding underground pipe repairs and property restoration. Current equipment has improved many facets of the plumbing industry and allows plumbers to accomplish many tasks in ways unthinkable a few decades ago. The trenchless process is a method that is utilized to determine underground leaks in a manner that can save commercial businesses and homeowner’s significant time and money.

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