Trenchless Monthly – March 2012

Trenchless Monthly - March 2012
About the team at Accurate Leak and Line March Trenchless Monthly 2012
Accurate Leak & Line is an established plumbing rehabilitation company utilizing non-destructive trenchless techniques.Our group of master plumbers provides expert diagnostics and cost effective repair solutions for sewer and water piping systems through epoxy lining and traditional excavation and repair.Our services are offered to residential and commercial clients throughout Texas, including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tyler, Austin and San Antonio, and surrounding states.With our extensive background in slab leak detection, and years of experience in non-destructive trenchless plumbing repair, we have combined re-piping and replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods to create an environmentally safe and sound plumbing infrastructure rehabilitation process.In addition to residential properties, we utilize this unique process to deliver safe and sanitary water to and from schools, municipalities, businesses and communities alike.Along with trenchless plumbing restoration, water leak and drain leak services, we provide sewer line video camera inspection and plumbing testing for foundation repair evaluation. Detailed analysis and fixed cost proposals for repair are provided to customer upon completion of diagnostic slab leak testing, using trenchless plumbing technology to fix foundation leaks while minimizing digging and added expense.
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commercial roof draining Commercial Featured Job
Roof Drain Rehab at the University of North Texas in Denton Facilities Management at the University of North Texas turned to their trenchless provider, Accurate Leak & Line, for a custom CIPP application on leaking roof drains of a busy campus building. Traditional replacement of the area drains, which had developed leaks at their base, was a dilemma in itself.Replacing the deteriorating area drains would have required complete removal of the area drain bases where they entered the roof.This type of repair involves creating a breach in the infrastructure of the roof that would be difficult, if not impossible, to properly seal; and can also be quite costly.Epoxy rehabilitation of the drains quickly became the repair of choice.6″ structural cast-in-place pipeliners were inserted into each of the building’s several roof drains.

Excess epoxy was bled out of the tops of the structural liners, conforming to the drain base to create an impenetrable seal.

Installing the CIPP this way applied continuous epoxy coverage where the larger area drain base transitioned to the true inner diameter.

The custom drain rehabilitation was successful, with repairs warrantied for 10 years. There was no disruption to the daily routine at the busy campus and no more leaking roof!

Management avoided the endless repair and maintenance associated with traditional replacement by going Trenchless.

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trenchless water line repair residential sub-slab leak repair
Seller’s Sub-Slab Plumbing Rescued during Option Period With just days away from the closing sale of an Austin duplex, buyers’ inspections revealed severe issues with the water and drain piping beneath the slab.Built in the 1960’s, the sewer system was composed of the original cast-iron, which was literally falling apart beneath the slab and miserably failed a hydrostatic pressure test.The copper potable water system was also original plumbing, and had a long history of pinhole slab leaks.This was a deal breaker for the buyer, who threatened to back out of the contract until the plumbing issue was resolved.The seller had already spent a fortune remodeling this sheik residence, and the bids she’d received to fix the plumbing traditionally were not only outrageous, they involved much cosmetic collateral destruction and associated restoration costs.Her realtor received a recommendation from a colleague who had used Accurate several times for sub-slab rehab and repair.

Accurate Leak & Line’s trenchless water and drain rehab proposal came in way below other contractors’ traditional offerings, and was completely non-invasive, eliminating the looming restoration costs to fix flooring and walls.

The 10 year transferrable warranty was also more appealing to the buyer than the standard 1-3 years offered with conventional repair methods.

With only a small window of time to complete the project before the option period expired, crews began rehabilitation of the water and drain piping systems simultaneously.

The four bathroom system was broken down and prepped in half a day, and was ready for epoxy rehab. The complete rehabilitation of both the water and drain systems was completed by the third day of work.

The systems were restored to use, pressure tested, and the sale of the property went through on schedule.

Both parties were very pleased with the timeliness and cleanliness of the work, and their realtors now refer Accurate Leak & Line to their clients when such a problem arises.

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sub-slab leak residential repairs


foundation leakAlong with unstable soil conditions and pour drainage, leaking below-ground water and sewer piping systems contribute to an overwhelming majority of foundation problems and associated issues (i.e. cracking walls and floors, sticking doors, foundation movement).

Old cast-iron, copper or galvanized systems eventually fail due to deterioration caused by soil contaminants and corrosion.

Once a system begins to fail or leak, the fresh water or waste water is discharged beneath the home or building, dramatically changing the contour of the soil that the slab rests on.

The soil erodes away, or in many cases, contracts and expands, causing the shifting or sinking of a concrete slab.

Complete rehabilitation of an aging plumbing system is highly recommended to prevent the much more serious problem of foundation movement.

Taking these preventative measures and having regular plumbing tests can eliminate thousands in foundation correction and cosmetic repairs.

Accurate Leak & Line’s unique repair/rehab process is a cost effective and non-disruptive alternative to complete replacement.

Call for a no-cost sub-slab plumbing inspection.

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